KBOPPED Weekly Charts: 31/08/20

I’ve always had a bit of a problem with Korea’s chart system so i thought, why not come up with my own! Let me introduce the Kbopped weekly charts! These charts will be solely based on my own play history and will feature my top 20 most played tracks of the week be it Korean, Japanese, Chinese or even English! 

Welcome back to another installment of Kbopped’s weekly charts!

This week we have some very big changes on the charts. It’s been quite a shock to see so many great songs drop off and other less than impressive tracks rise up the ranks. Last weeks top pick, Dreamcatcher’s Boca has unfortunately had the most impressive drop of any song, dropping from the the peak all the way off the chart. The runner up Can’t Get You Out Of My Mind has also experienced a great drop, though it retains a place within the top 20. Although just barely.

You’ll see that this weeks chart is much more varied than last week. We have a very balanced mix of Korean and Japanese singles with some English tracks, courtesy of Rina Sawayama making the mix. We also have the first track to make a re-entry into the charts with Offical HIGE DANdism’s fantastic Yesterday bouncing back into the 6th place. Keen readers will also notice the low play counts this week. I was surprised myself but if I had to chalk it down to something, it would be my lack of transit throughout the week. I didn’t really go outside much during the past few days and since I listen to most of my music while on the bus, I think that directly led to my decreased plays.

When considering the top 5, we have Cravity’s great b-side Believer taking the top spot with 14 plays. I haven’t said this yet on the blog but I genuinely believe that title track Flame is one of the weakest songs on the new ep and I’m really confused why they went with it when they had something as solid as Believer lying around. Second place goes to TXT‘s Everlasting Shine, a song which has risen 4 places since last week to take the runner up spot. In third place ITZY’s attitude infused Not Shy has maintained its high rankings and has risen up 2 spots from last week. JO1’s sleek Go takes the 4th spot and the top 5 is rounded off by Cravity’s great moody edm b-side Realize.

Thats it for this week folks!

#1Cravity – Believer14(NEW)
#2TXT – Everlasting Shine12(↑4)
#3ITZY – Not Shy8(↑2)
#4JO1 – Go8(NEW)
#5Cravity – Realize7(NEW)
#6Offical HIGE DANdism – Yesterday7(NEW)
#7X1 – Flash7(NEW)
#8Seventeen – 24H6(NEW)
#9Sexy Zone – RUN6(↓2)
#10ONEUS – To Be Or Not To Be 5(↓7)
#11A.B.C-Z – Cheat Time5(NEW)
#12Cravity – Flame4(NEW)
#13Kis-My-Ft2 – Make You Mine4(NEW)
#14Oh My Girl – Rocket Ride (Korean Version)4(NEW)
#15Rina Sawayama – Tokyo Love Hotel4(↓11)
#16Rina Sawayama – Love Me For Me4(↓8)
#17ATEEZ – THANXX3(↓3)
#18BTS – Dynamite3(↓6)
#19Dreamcatcher – Can’t Get You Out of My Mind3(↓18)
#201THE9 – Bad Guy3(=)

Weeks on Chart:

1THE9 – Bad Guy: 3


Sexy Zone – RUN: 3

BTS – Dynamite: 2

Dreamcatcher – Can’t Get You Out of My Mind: 2

ITZY – Not Shy: 2

ONEUS – To Be Or Not To Be: 2

Rina Sawayama – Love Me For Me: 2

Rina Sawayama – Tokyo Love Hotel: 2

TXT – Everlasting Shine: 2

Songs Leaving the Chart this week:

Dreamcatcher – Boca

ONEUS – Airplane

ONF – Sukhumvit Swimming

Rina Sawayama – Snakeskin

Dua Lipa – Physical

ITZY – Surf

Kenshi Yonezu – Placebo

Rina Sawayama – Dynasty

Rina Sawayama – Who’s Gonna Save You Now

Rina Sawayama – XS


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