SONG REVIEW: Shoot The Moon – BDC

As Brand New Entertainment’s youngest boy group, BDC are one of those groups that really should be promoted more heavily. They have youth on their side but Shoot The Moon is the first we’ve seen of them since their debut last October, an incredibly long wait for such a new group. Debut track Remember Me was anything but memorable and while the opening few seconds of Shoot The Moon initially appear to be pointing towards a similar trajectory, it’s got a surprising number of tricks up its sleeve.

Opening with an atmospheric slow burn of a verse, Shoot The Moon doesn’t manage to inspire much. The ever-present guitar loop is an enjoyable touch but not something we haven’t seen done many times before. The best I could describe the verses is that they work as “atmospheric padding”. They help create an enjoyable atmosphere but other than that don’t stand out or help keep the listener heavily invested. I don’t really mind the approach but I could see why some people would find issue with it. Shoot The Moon really starts to take shape once the pounding bass line is interpreted. I can’t quite pick whether this is the pre-chorus or the first part of the chorus, but its inclusion is great either way. The refrain that follows is also solid and while it was a good reinterpretation of modern trends until this point, I was honestly pretty fine with it. But what really betters Shoot The Moon in my eyes is the excellent electronic post chorus breakdown.

It was a moment that really caught me off guard and honestly opened my eyes to a track that I had initially written off completely. It just sounds so refreshing is the kind of EDM loop that feels both potent, yet easy on the ears. A great combination. The rest of Shoot The Moon slowly gathers steam, progressively getting more and more dynamic over its runtime until the climactic chorus combines both the refrain and electronic breakdown to create one heck of a finale. This is a much stronger effort than their debut and honestly a really strong track that isn’t afraid to experiment a bit with its soundscape and structure. Shoot The Moon really came out of nowhere and I’m so glad that the boys returned with something so solid. September really is the gift that keeps on giving.

Verses: 7

Chorus: 9

Production: 9

Performance: 9

Final Rating8.5/10


2 thoughts on “SONG REVIEW: Shoot The Moon – BDC

  1. This is just the month that keeps giving wow. Even the worst tracks are at least decent. Talk about a surprise in 2020

    Thought the song wasn’t gonna be much at first but I love songs that gradually build and this is a fantastic example of it


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