SONG REVIEW: Daisy – Pentagon

If I were to consider some of my biggest misjudgements during the early few months of the blog, my review of Pentagon’s Dr.BeBe would be right up there. I heavily overestimated that song on release and it has since gone onto being one of the years biggest fallers. And while I have appreciated most of the groups past releases, their 2020 output just hasn’t been for me. Hui’s adoption of a more shouty tone has not clicked with me at all and while I would have loved for him to experiment more with the slick, deep house influenced dance tracks that he seemed to all but popularise, he’s chosen to move the groups music in a more rock influenced direction. We saw this with Road To Kingdom single Basquiat and Daisy (데이지) steers even further in that direction.

Your enjoyment of Daisy will heavily hinge on whether or not you enjoy this kind of over the top, crying in the rain rock stomper. Many will think it to be a little too overdramatic but thankfully for Pentagon, I have a soft spot for tracks like this. As I’ve said before, much of my music taste has been shaped by mid-2000’s J-rock and honestly Daisy recalls some of the more emotive singles from that era. Sure, few can emotive like the Japanese (a very big compliment by the way), but Pentagon’s performance here is actually quite great. They belt their heart out and the opening verse is arguably the best use of Wooseok’s gritty vocal tone yet. It’s less shouty than their past two singles and that’s an improvement. The backing vocals peppered throughout the track, alongside the organ-esque synths provide Dasiy with a more anthemic atmosphere and compliment the overall tone of the track well.

But Daisy‘s biggest drawback is its lack of originality. I love me a good emotive alt-rock song but I really only consider them to be great when they do something new and exciting. Unfortunately, Daisy remains rather predictable throughout its running time and without the additions of some *spice*, fails to really hold my attention throughout. The chanted post chorus hook also does end up grating after a few listens. It’s not enough to completely derail Daisy but it prevents it from really cementing a standout refrain. Even so, It remains Pentagon’s strongest single of the year.

Verses: 8

Chorus: 8

Production: 8

Performance: 9

Final Rating8.25 / 10


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