SONG REVIEW: G.B.T.B – Verivery

I know I said i was going to only go back and review songs that I was positive on, but I’ve noticed that most of my past reviews have been a little too positive. Well that ‘s going to change now with my review of Verivery’s awful G.B.T.B. I’ve been consciously avoiding reviewing songs that I’ve found either forgettable or outright bad but honestly, I have to talk about this. Verivery were one of my favourite rookies of 2019 and more or less kept up that reputation during the first of the year. Even Thunder ended up growing on me and Skydive from the accompanying album has slowly gone onto become one of my favourite b-sides of the year.

Unfortunately, G.B.T.B is an absolute mess from start to finish. There are elements of a strong song buried within the mix but instead, we end up with a track that can only really be described as noise. When I first saw the title, I had some hope that we would get something as great as Vixx’s G.R.8.U. But whereas that song was melodically rich and reviled in its joyful nature, G.B.T.B is the complete antithesis to that ideal. There’s almost no melody to be found. In its place, we get some absolutely ear bleeding shouting and an instrumental that is the worst kind of abrasive. It’s a headache to get through and is a disservice to what Verivery are capable of. There isn’t even a hint of the funk that characterised almost all their tracks upto this point. If you want to go edgy or dark, you can do it without completely ditching the aspects that garnered you fans in the first place.

I say this because there have been many groups that have gone dark or edgy but have still kept some resemblance of their core sound. Verivery on the other hand have just thrown away any semblance of what made them exciting and just headed face first into the big boy group mush. It’s a kind of irony that a song titled Go Beyond The Barrier chooses to literally go beyond no barriers whatsoever.

If I were to point out one strong suit of the track, it would be the second verse, which allows members Hoyoung and Dongheon to let loose with some rapid fire rap. It’s a moment that acts as a beacon of light in a track that seems all but devoid of any sparks. Had the rest of G.B.T.B been more willing to stick to this style of unhinged, rapid soundscape, we might have gotten something more substantial. Instead, we’re left with what is easily Verivery’s worst single yet and one that I doubt I’ll ever consciously be returning to in the future.

Verses: 6

Chorus: 4

Production: 5

Performance: 7

Final Rating5.5/10


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