SONG REVIEW: My Treasure – Treasure

Despite Treasure’s I Love You breaking into the top 50 of my favourite Kpop songs of the year, I still consider the buoyant pre-debut track Going Crazy to be the their strongest effort yet. So when I heard that the group were returning with a more bright and upbeat sound, I was more than thrilled. But I should have learn’t to dampen some of that hype because despite My Treasure generally adhering to most of what was promised, it just falls short.

Now, I understand that YG have unofficially taken up the “home of the edge lords” mantel for the past few years or so but that doesn’t mean that every single time a rapper comes in, the tempo has to come to a screeching halt. It can work in some songs that build much of their identity around it like the aforementioned I Love You but for a song that hinges on bright upbeat pop for its first minute and a half, the post chorus rap break featured in My Treasure is one of the years most ill-fitting and pointless. It comes dangerously close to derailing the track and while it quickly gets back on track, its presence makes it very difficult to willingly come back to My Treasure for repeated listens. Its lack of impact is also another thing I fear will affect its longevity. The track feels a little too lightweight for its own good, consisting of melodies that while strong, don’t feel nearly and tight and affecting as they should.

This is a shame because there are still many things that make My Treasure a worthwhile listen. The more vocal and melody driven nature of the track gives Treasure’s vocalists a nice palette to showcase some of their skills and the youthful energy exuded is very fitting for a group this young. The bouncy chorus is easily the highlight, bringing together a collage of disco strings, celebratory brass and percussion for a nice centrepiece. I really wish they had put a greater focus on the brassy undertones but I’ll take what we got here. I also hoped that the final product would feel a little more cohesive than what we got as at this point, I feel like My Treasure will completely fade from memory in a few weeks time.

Verses: 7

Chorus: 8

Production: 7

Performance: 7

Final Rating7.25/10


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