SONG REVIEW: My Turn – Cravity

What the hell is this.

Cravity are one of those groups that just continue to confuse me. They are a group that have so much potential but rarely do their title tracks come close to that promise. Their singles run has been on a kind of downward spiral with each lead single being weaker than the last. I really enjoyed debut single Break All The Rules but follow up Flame fell flat for me. And when it comes to new single My Turn, I’m just left completely baffled by why this song was ever chosen for promotion.

It’s not like I don’t like Cravity but why is it always that the lead single is one of the weakest off the album? Like I’ve only really skimmed their latest project but My Turn was easily the worst song off the album. It hobbles together many current boy group trends for a track that fails to really get itself off the ground in any way shape or form. The verses employ the kind of sparse hip hop beat preferred by SM groups but fails to replicate the kind of addictive nature you would expect from those tracks. The textures here are all off, coming across as more grating than addictive and fail to really help the track impress. Things improve when we reach the more streamlined pre-chorus, which employs an enjoyable albeit generic synth line over a nice ascending melody. It’s kind of like the light before the storm because what follows is that…….

Dumpster fi- *cough* I mean chorus.

Well, I don’t even know if what we have here qualifies as a chorus. It’s just a bunch of incredibly irritating phrases stitched together by skrts and other exclamations that follow that same vocal inflection. I’ve seen my fair share of incredibly cringe “look how serious and cool I am” tracks by boy groups but few have been as repulsive as the hook found in My Turn. Like who thought that repeating “vrrooom vroom vroom skrt” was a good choice?? Especially when the following phrases end with a similar “skrt” like high pitched delivery. This is just embarrassing and while I know this isn’t any fault of the boys themselves, who try to do as much with this as they can with this garbage, it’s just an appalling choice. The Boys need better songwriters ASAP.

Verses: 5

Chorus: 3

Production: 5

Performance: 6

Final Rating: 4.75 / 10


4 thoughts on “SONG REVIEW: My Turn – Cravity

    1. Yeah it’s easily the worst mainstream release this year and I’m so surprised that it is by such a popular act. Japan on the other hand are absolutely killing it when it comes to the first few weeks of the new year!

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    2. Wow dude this track is quite the errrrrrrr……. memorable tune. The “SKRRT SKRRT SKRRT SKRRT GRRT GRRT TRRR TRRR” as a chorus is quite……….unorthodox isn’t it? My inert homosexuality will justify this by saying that the boys are cute, so I shall find middle ground by playing the video with the audio muted.

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