The 100 Best Anime Openings Of All Time (30-21)

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30. Ikimongakiri – Blue Bird (“Naruto Shippuden” Opening 3)

Released: 2008

Another Naruto opening that thrives on its sense of emotion, Blue Bird has since gone onto outgrow the series and become an absolute sensation. It’s a brilliant track, incorporating some gorgeous string and harmonica accents with a surging chorus to die for. Truly one of the most quintessential openings of the past decade.

29. FLOW – Kaze No Uta (“Tales of Zesteria” Opening 1)

Released: 2016

An opening that consists of both some stunning animation and a marvellous sound, “Tales of Zesteria” had one of the most instantly popular openings of the past few years. And for good reason too as that silky smooth animation is the perfect fit for a song with an absolute monster of a chorus that surges with the kind of anthemic quality that I fall head over heels for.

28. Linked Horizon – Shoukei to Shikabane no Michi (“Attack On Titan” Opening 5)

Released: 2019

Every single “Attack on Titan” opening is incredible in its own way and Shoukei to Shikibane no Michi is the accumulation of all its preceding openings into one incredibly and dense and rousing battle cry. As such it lacks a bit of a through line but its never ending assault is incredibly endearing and one of the most grandiose battle cries ever. And while the opening version is great, the full version is absolutely stunning.

27. Porno Graffitti – The Day (“My Hero Academia” Opening 1)

Released: 2016

Though My Hero Academia is home to some absolute stunning openings, of which we’ve seen many on this list, I still remain on the side that the first opening is the strongest. It’s the perfect shounen banger, powering forward on a crunchy guitar driven backbone with a soaring melody that matches the adventurous and action heavy nature of the show amazingly. Easily my favourite Porno Graffitti song yet.

26. Customi Z – COOLEST (“Sakamoto Desu Ga?” Opening)

Released: 2016

One of the funniest gag anime in recent memory had an incredibly fitting opening that employed an addictive rock stomp over some truly interesting visuals. The post chorus refrain still remains absolutely transcendent till this day. If anything, this opening is just cool, Cooler COOLEST.

25. LiSA– crossing field (“Sword Art Online” Opening 1)

Released: 2013

An icon of the anime industry, crossing field soundtracked what was easily the strongest and most enjoyable few episodes of the absolute dumpster fire that was Sword Art Online. But its infectious synth and guitar laden soundscape was so good that it has since cemented itself as one of the industries most beloved openings. This is LiSA at her absolute best and that gorgeous multi pronged chorus is pure perfection.

24. TK from Ling tosite sigure – Unravel (“Tokyo Ghoul” Opening 1)

Released: 2014

Few modern openings are as instantly recognisable and widely acclaimed as Tokyo Ghoul’s Unravel. It’s one of the more unique anime intro’s out there, propelled by TK’s raspy vocals and consistent sense of unease. I adore the tug and pull feeling of the track, pulling back before slamming back with greater force than ever. The animation remains absolutely gorgeous, focusing heavily on the more symbolic aspects of the show whilst still adhering to some truly eye catching shots.

23. FLOW – Steppin’ Out (“Durarara!!x2 Ketsu” Opening )

Released: 2016

An addictive blast of dance pop framed by its fantastic electronic backbone, Steppin’ Out saw FLOW venture into a more dance heavy sound to great effect. The track has an excellent sense of drive to it with a melody that feels perfectly attuned to a good time with a central synth riff that’s bound to get stuck in your head after the first listen.

22. Kalafina – to the beginning (“ Fate: Zero” Opening 2)

Released: 2012

A masterful vocal showcase from Kalafina, to the beginning is home to one of the most chill inducing chorus’ of all time with an arrangement that emphasises every little vocal flourish with the utmost grandeur. This all culminates in some truly show stopping moments that lent the darker and more desperate nature of the second half of “Fate: Zero” the extra emotional gut punch it needed.

21. Dean Fujioka – History Maker (“Yuri On Ice” Opening)

Released: 2016

One of the most motivational pop anthems I’ve ever heard, the string driven History Maker is anchored by an absolute stunner of a central refrain. The entire thing just explodes, supported by an arrangement that knows how to build to a truly breathtaking release. This alongside some truly aesthetic sketch like imagery and you’ve got an instantly iconic and timeless opening.


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