SONG REVIEW: StayC – Stereotype

Though not from one of the Big3, Black Eyed Pilsung’s StayC have experienced a meteoric rise since their debut almost exactly a year ago with the brilliant So Bad. A song that I loved on release but has since gone onto become one of my favourite K-pop debut songs not only in recent memory but arguably of all time. Follow up ASAP garnered much success both critically and commercially but didn’t really hit me the same. Initially, Stereotype felt as though it would follow a similar trajectory as its predecessor but has quickly become one of my most listened tracks of the past month.

Unlike their debut, Stereotype is much more inline with the quirky pop sound that’s characterised their more recent efforts, focusing much more on smaller, more catchy hooks than the pulsing instrumental and massive chorus that had characterised their initial effort. This isn’t as immediately striking but is a tactic that encourages and rewards repeated listens. Opening with lightweight, repeated flute loop and an honestly disorientating verse, the track quickly launches into a more upbeat bass driven beat that makes up the tracks backbone. Now while in the hands of some producers, the final product might have come out quite bland, this is Black Eyed Pilsung we’re talking about. He makes sure the track is filled with interesting moments that make even the more conventional melodic turns feel unique. The extended post-chorus outro for example comes completely out of left field but gives Stereotype so much more character.

Speaking of the chorus, it acts more like a scattered collection of vaguely melodic lines combined to create a centrepiece. It’s not something that should work and don’t individually but when brought together, they create one of the years most catchy choruses. The girls sell the hell out of the track, imbuing the track with a healthy dose of charisma, something furthered by their great collection of vocal tones. And while it’s not another So Bad, Stereotype continues the girls singles run is excellent fashion.

Verses: 8

Chorus: 8

Production: 9

Performance: 9

Final Rating8.5/ 10


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