SONG REVIEW: Cherry Bullet – Love In Space

Hampered by an infrequent release schedule that’s resulted in only one major release per year since their debut, Cherry Bullet have lacked the kind of promotional push that a group like them sorely require. As such, while their releases have been decent and their dedicated fanbase has been stable, they’ve experienced little commercial success. But coming off the heels of the successful Girls Planet 999, a show in which many of the members participated in, the groups latest single Love In Space could change that.

And while its commercial success can be gauged in the coming days, I can definitely say that Love In Space is an absolute success for me musically, taking the quirky synth sound of last years great Love So Sweet and upping the tempo for an immensely satisfying experience. The pulsing synth laden beat is very satisfying, highlighted by a triumphant ascending loop that punctuates the opening moments and each subsequence post chorus. It’s this tight and constantly engaging production that elevates every moment of Love In Space to new heights and helps it move just a cut above the rest of the synth treading pack.

But none of this would have mattered if the melody wasn’t up to scratch. There have been many efforts, especially recently that have great production but are held back by their melodies and/or performance. Thankfully, Love In Space is anchored by a massive, instantly memorable two part chorus that opens with a soaring melodic line and then transitions seamlessly into a more understated yet even more catchy secondary hook. And while the rapid fire sing talk delivery during the verses may prove divisive, I think it perfectly fits the upbeat, quirky nature of the track. And the fact that it isn’t delivered in an overtly cartoony manner is even better. And though the track does inevitably slow down during its bridge, a standout final chorus during the climax is enough to cement Love in Space as Cherry Bullet’s strongest single yet.

Verses: 9

Chorus: 9

Production: 9

Performance: 9

Final Rating9 / 10


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