Despite essentially having arguably one of the strongest lineups in the industry, WEi’s musical output has been less than stellar. Bar last years incredibly catchy summer time bop Bye Bye Bye, the group have been a little all over the place. Songs like March’s Too Bad and August’s Maldives have pointed towards a brighter, more melodic side to the group whereas their other efforts such as the less than stellar All or Nothing have seen them being poised as your standard “bad boys”. They’ve never really had a core concept to fall back on nor have they ever fully embraced those they’ve attempted. An issue that extends to newest single Spray.

While the initial teasers to a standard noise music hype track, Spray does manage to slightly overcome its incredibly generic leanings to form quite a solid whole. It’s by no means original and does very little to open new musical avenues for the group but it’s a potent burst of adrenaline that makes a few interesting turns throughout its run time. However, Spray opens with its worst instincts. The slurred repetition of the word “loop” recalls the absolute worst of this genre, coming across as both lazy, try hard and utterly obnoxious. Thankfully, it only serves as an intro and outro for the track, rightfully finding no place within the main components of the track. From there, the verses are delivered in standard fashion, though the inherent talent of the performers themselves help elevate even the more throwaway lines. The instrumentation takes a noise music backdrop but includes additional touches of guitar that really help bolster the overall intensity of the track.

Spray‘s chorus is an interesting case study. On one hand you have the rather lazy first half, which aims to for melodic but comes off as rather mundane and then the noisy second half, which consists of an extended repetition of the title. Neither of these elements are strong individually but when brought together, they create a decently potent centrepiece. In some ways, it’s reminiscent of from20’s majestic Chemical from earlier this year. Though nowhere near as tight. Spray continues to turn its wheels for the remainder, not really changing gears on introducing anything new. A sentiment right in line with WEi’s discography as a whole. There’s nothing inherently wrong with Spray but at the same time there’s nothing really to get excited about. And that’s a bit of a shame.

Verses: 7

Chorus: 7

Production: 8

Performance: 8

Final Rating7.5 / 10


One thought on “SONG REVIEW: WEi – Spray

  1. Well, I think this song tries to do what From20’s Chemical did, but it fails miserably. The issue for me is that the structure lacks any cohesion, and the elements feel like they were ripped from other angsty generic K-Pop songs of the same vein.


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