Song Review: tripleS – Rising

Previewed initially through sub-unit Acid Angel’s from Asia’s outstanding Generation, Jaden Jong’s newest project, tripleS have finally made their full debut with Rising. With expectations rife thanks to the quality of the pre release and Jaden’s (infamous) work with LOONA, does Rising live up to the hype?

Co-Produced by members of the always consistent Monotree, Rising stands as yet another example of the sleek, more laid back, Y2K era inspired sound that NewJeans have made so popular. It’s a sound that I happen to love and Rising does a very good job at extending it in ways that both unique yet familiar. In my mind, tripleS have so far carved out their own niche within an already niche sound, adhering to slightly more daring and upbeat arrangements in comparison to their contemporaries. Rising‘s crunching production and intoxicating synth loop are excellent proponents of this, giving a surprising level of grit to a track that is quite melodically restrained. It gives a contrast that lends very well to repeated listens whilst also working very well in the moment. It’s a very rich and fully formed soundscape, something which helps Rising bypass some of its potentially weaker moments.

In regards to that, Rising really suffers from its short run time. At just over 2 and a half minutes, the track never really has the time to provide any additional knockout moments which could have really pushed it over the finish line. A killer bridge or dynamic dance break could have worked wonders here and really elevated Rising into one of the strongest debut efforts in recent memory. Instead, the track kind of just fizzles out the near the end, ridding us of a potentially thrilling climax. The chorus too, while strong, lacks the kind of knockout hook that would really help cement the tracks merits in stone. But in the end, these are just some small nitpicks for an otherwise very promising debut, one that packages the groups already very evident charisma into a taut, exciting musical package that I’m sure will linger long within my playlist.

Verses: 9

Chorus: 8

Production: 9

Performance: 9

Final Rating: 8.75 / 10


One thought on “Song Review: tripleS – Rising

  1. Exactly! I’m glad we share the same sentiments on the song, this is just so exhilirating and punches the dry air we had for so long without any releases. I do agree that it could have benefitted more from that length. I just wish for tripleS to continue making sounds like this, we need good music back.


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