Song Review: TNX – Love or Die

When TNX debuted with the boisterous Move last year, many including myself felt a little disappointed. Sure there were parts of the track, most notably the second verse and more symphonic elements, that showed immense promise but the final product failed to really deliver thanks to a noisy centrepiece and messy arrangement. As such, Love or Die comes without much expectation and while not a total. slam dunk effort, its upbeat pop rock sound is a definite improvement.

Let me get the bias out of the way first. I have a real soft spot for this propulsive, pop-rock oriented sound and Love or Die absolutely excels at it during its verses. The production here is wonderfully propulsive, powering forward on a very potent yet easily digestible soundscape that goes down oh so well. It’s nothing new but for someone who loves this particular sound, it can rarely ever go wrong. The performance is equally compelling here, perfectly tracing a melody that feels equal parts angst and pop. The vocal processing could be a turn off for some but personally, it’s an artistic choice that really works for songs like this.

Then there’s the chorus, which is the one part where I think the otherwise strong Love Or Die stumbles. The first segment is actually quite strong, harnessing a potent melody and performance that though slightly lacking the momentum of the verses, does well in the context of the track. However, it’s the second half of the chorus underwhelms, opting for a more airy delivery and arrangement that fails to truely carry the necessary weight for a centrepiece. It’s a slow down that works decently in retrospect but one that could have been altered just enough to allow for something even more dynamic. Something which could have elevated this rather strong first comeback into something truely special.

Verses: 9

Chorus: 7

Production: 9

Performance: 8

Final Rating: 8.25 / 10


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