P-Nation have been one of those agencies that have drawn me in through the sheer personality of their artists over their musical output. Artists like Jessi, HyunA and PSY himself all have such magnetic charm that they can make almost anything, music or not worth seeking out. And though I didn’t watch LOUD, it seemed as though new boy group TNX would also follow suit, buoyed by some great personalities and equally great performers. As such, I came into Move completely blind and with heightened expectation.

What a bad idea that was.

Move is not good. Like at all. It takes some of the worst instincts of modern day boy group music and gives it an even more noisy makeover that results in a terrible listen. The descending siren loop that dominates the background of all the verses is overplayed and distracting taking away from the honestly solid, if generic performance the boys give. The chorus is the biggest clunker however, playing off a non-existent melody and noisy production that reduces the hook to a compilation of cringy catchphrases and shouty statements about how cool they are. It’s the worst possible example of these edgy boy group tracks, all bluster with no engagement. It’s even worse when you consider that Move is a debut. A debut should carve out a unique sound for a group, shine light on what makes them stand out from the crowd. Not give us a reason to believe that they’re the exact same as the competition. I said this in my ONEUS review but I mean it even more so here. It seems as though the producers here were just on autopilot, picking from the exact same sample packs as their peers and putting no extra thought

And that’s a shame because there are elements of Move that really hint towards something greater. The dramatic, string and trumpet assisted moments could have easily been harnessed more liberally to give Move a more triumphant and melodically satisfying soundscape more in line with ATEEZ’ 2019 material. A comparison I don’t make lightly. We can see this during the second verse where the production strips away the clanging trap beats and grating siren synth to deliver a killer rap verse that genuinely gains momentum. It’s the one bright patch in a song that lacks any light, dropping the listener into an endless abyss of darkness populated by an endless and incessant barrage of senseless noise.

Verses: 6

Chorus: 4

Production: 6

Performance: 7

Final Rating5.75 / 10


7 thoughts on “SONG REVIEW: TNX – Move

  1. Everyone seems surprisingly nice to this track, I guess due to Loud. That said, I find this song… too loud. Even the melodic moments like the pre-chorus are too, well… loud. There is no melody, and the ATEEZ elements sound like they were taken from the garbage bin at Edenary’s studio. This is sad, because I have heard many folks involved with this song are talented.

    Btw great to see you back in full Arpydarpy, love your writing as always!


    1. As someone who has watched LOUD, all of the remixes by the PNATION team are better than this generic debut. This is disappointing. I’m actually very forgiving with noise music but the instrumental feels like it’s in a constant loudness without a time to breathe. Yeah they have embodied the name of the show but not in a good way.

      The JYP team’s final song is really good! I hope their debut will be in line with that.


  2. actually when I viewed all your reviews I thought that you are just a person who is writing whatever she wants without any prior knowledge & just using the same strategy first praising every kpop group & then just ruthlessly disrespecting their music and then naming it as review. Please make your own song , I really want to hear what are you


  3. looks like you are not aware of 4gen concepts and why dont you criticize all the 4gen groups because every body is making debut and comeback with dark concepts & the vocal you are talking about have you even seen them singing live, please just a random 100 foll acc writing reviews, wow! with no knowledge ( are you a producer, lyricist, writer, idol) or just doing job of criticizing ? 🙂


  4. yeah, no joke wtf is wrong with you this is one of my fave songs and you are here just talking unnecessary crap and you have no right to be saying this. wtf did they ever do to you? I would like to see you try to make a song. These boys are hard working respectable people and I know you never work even remotely as hard as them so just shut tf up.


  5. plz, stop disrespecting my boys. this is unnecessary and if your gonna say things like this just don’t say anything.


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