Song Review: Snow Man – Tapestry

With last years excellent Orange Kiss, Snow Man officially crossed the line to become a new Kbopped favourite. They’re a group that consistently return with buoyant, melodically charged yet wonderfully diverse soundscapes that are not only perfect compliments to their performance skills, but do much to play off them. New single Tapestry may fall into the more restrained realms of the groups discography but it no doubt continues their excellent singles run.

This particular melodically rich, emotive dance pop sound is something that, when done right, is one of my biggest musical soft spots. A sound that Japanese acts have consistently been peddling to great effect and one that Snow Man absolutely knock out of the park here. Tapestry is pure musical catnip to these ears, gliding along on a consistent dance beat whilst still reaching into a more melancholic soundscape melodically. This contrast works really well, giving Tapestry a sense of progression whilst still lending towards a satisfying listening experience that only grows more intoxicating the longer it goes. There’s a sense of depth to the whole package, something which really elevates Tapestry from the rest of its pears. It feels like a complete whole, lacking any of the potential piecemeal qualities which could have derailed it.

The potent chorus is an excellent is an excellent distillation of Tapestry‘s charms, bringing together a fantastic collection of melodies alongside an equally rousing electronic string assisted arrangement that does so well to convey the emotional heft hinted at during the verses. It’s an excellent arrangement, one that grows into something truly transcendent as Tapestry rears to a head during a standout climax. One that brings together all that came before it into a thrilling finale that once again proves why I’m so excited every time this group come back.

Verses: 10

Chorus: 9

Production: 9

Performance: 9

Final Rating: 9.25 / 10


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