SONG REVIEW: One – Astro

As Astro continue their descent into more edgy and darker territory, it's quite an odd feeling for fans of the groups bright, early sound. I am not one against musical maturation but in an age where mature automatically signifies lurching instrumentals and hum drum melodies, it's not the most promising of signs. Thankfully, bar an … Continue reading SONG REVIEW: One – Astro


I've had an interesting history with Weki Meki. Even against their recent tracks, my favourite single from them (although it's a cover) remains the anthemic Butterfly that soundtracked the 2018 Pyeongchang winter Olympics. Though their two debut-era singles were a little too off the wall bonkers for me, their triple sucker punch of Crush, Picky … Continue reading SONG REVIEW: DAZZLE DAZZLE – Weki Meki