Mass Roundup: March – April

Kim Sung Kyu - Hush Me forgetting to review this track was an absolute crime back in March and it is even more so now. But I've finally forced myself get up and talk about this absolute gem of track. Sung Kyu has always been one of my favourite voices in K-pop and while it … Continue reading Mass Roundup: March – April

SONG REVIEW: Waves – Kang Daniel (feat. Simon Dominic & Jamie)

After a very messy first few months, Kang daniel has quickly risen to become one of Korea's most popular solo idol artists. And while I didn't think much of his debut, most of his following work has been quite decent. It's taken a much more groovy route than I would have expected and I'm not … Continue reading SONG REVIEW: Waves – Kang Daniel (feat. Simon Dominic & Jamie)