SONG REVIEW: Waves – Kang Daniel (feat. Simon Dominic & Jamie)

After a very messy first few months, Kang daniel has quickly risen to become one of Korea’s most popular solo idol artists. And while I didn’t think much of his debut, most of his following work has been quite decent. It’s taken a much more groovy route than I would have expected and I’m not complaining. It’s a style that suits Daniels husky vocals perfectly and one that has alot of potential. New pre-release Waves follows this groovy template while enlisting some pretty big names in the process.

The most notable and enjoyable aspect about Waves is its dark lumbering bass line. It’s an enjoyable instrumental and really helps sell the rather sultry atmosphere the song is evidently aiming for. It’s also refreshing to see how well distributed the track is between its three performers. Rather than have Simon Dominc and Jamie rattle off a verse or a line here and there, they get fully formed segments and honestly feel vital to the track. It plays out more like a three member group rather than just Daniel and friends. This lends the track bucketloads of personality and that alone goes a long way in selling what is otherwise a rather flat song.

This brings me to my primary gripes with the songs as a whole. While Waves has bucketloads of charisma, there isn’t really much to the actual song. The chorus blends in seamlessly with the verses and there aren’t any noticeable peaks or climax’s. This makes the track feel like a straight line devoid of the interesting musical twists and turns and that would be present had waves be tethered to a more daring arrangement. This results in a song that feels needlessly receptive even though certain segments are quite charming on their own. And while the hook is kinda catchy, It honestly feels like the song would have benefited much more from a more impactful centrepiece.

Verses: 7

Chorus: 7

Production: 8

Performance: 9

Final Rating7.75 / 10

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