Thoughts on NCT 127’s Sticker

"ahem" *clears throat* *breaths in* Incoming! Sticker, tagging, tagging, tagging, tagging I got what you need, 원하는 걸 골라 붙여I can show you need, hip 하지 나란 stickerBang, bang, 한껏 힘을 준 애들 좀 봐 봐NCT, we will show you the vibe, hi우리들의 로고를 총 모양으로, woo, woo Baby (Yeah, yeah, yeah)겁을 내지 말아 줘 … Continue reading Thoughts on NCT 127’s Sticker

The Top 100 K-Pop Songs of 2020 (Honourable Mentions)

We're finally here. After 12 gruelling months, we have finally reached the dog days of 2020. And aside from the political, social and *cough* pandemic related struggles that many of us went through, it was fulfilling to see the Korean music industry rise up to even greater heights. It was a year that saw the … Continue reading The Top 100 K-Pop Songs of 2020 (Honourable Mentions)


With the 2010’s coming to an end, I thought it would be appropriate to countdown my top 100 tracks that defined the decade for me.  This was a decade that really saw K-pop grow from a domestic industry into an International phenomenon. Musically, we also saw a growth in the quality of music production, as … Continue reading KBOPPED’s BEST K-POP SONGS OF THE DECADE (75 – 51)