SONG REVIEW: Why Not? – Loona

Over the past few months, I’ve come to realise that I love the idea of Loona more than the group themselves. I heavily enjoyed much of their pre-release material and the group is home to some really great personalities. But musically, I’ve failed to really connect with any of their full group release. Apart from debut single Hi High, a song that’s only gotten better with time, I don’t really think I’ve loved any full group Loona songs (including album tracks). Even February’s So What, which I gave an incredibly favourable review upon release has aged much worse than I had expected.

Why Not? is the groups second comeback without leader Haseul and feels like a less aggressive sequel to So What. This approach comes with a number of benefits, especially the pumping bassline. It’s a feature that I personally love and does give Why Not? a rather strong instrumental backbone. It’s more reserved than So What and that’s an asset. It allows the track to be more friendly towards the general public, something Loona need if they want to really expand their fanbase in their home country. The production follows suit, providing a clean and crisp instrumental and vocal blend that feels well tuned to the kind of atmosphere i can only assume Why Not? is aiming for. It carries the robotic, near industrial touch of recent SM releases, which shouldn’t be much of a surprise given Lee Soo Man’s alleged participation in crafting this track. Personally, this is a very good thing.

However, I don’t think Why Not? is a standout. Despite carrying a nice groove throughout its runtime, I can’t overlook the fact that Why Not? literally doesn’t have a hook. No, as much as you might try to convince me, “Di-da, dum-di-dum, di-dum” isn’t a chorus. And while the supporting instrumental does help alot in elevating an otherwise empty centrepiece. There aren’t really any moments that immediately pop out to me and sometimes, it honestly feels like Why Not? is an unfinished demo of a much stronger single. There are moments where I can see the foundations of something really great, the ascending pre-chorus especially, but even the post-chorus hook feels like more an afterthought than something melodically compelling. Given a stronger centrepiece and maybe a tighter arrangement, I could see Why Not? being a real standout. Unfortunately, what we get instead is another Loona single that just doesn’t seem to connect with me.

Verses: 8

Chorus: 6

Production: 8

Performance: 8

Final Rating7.5/10


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