YG Entertainment are a company that have always puzzled me. I somewhat understand the “Quality over quantity” approach that they claim to have but while it was somthing that I could agree with back in the early to mid 2010’s with Big Bang and 2NE1 releasing absolute bangers, their recent efforts have made me seriously question what they consider “quality”. JIKJIN stands as Treasure’s fist release in over a year and despite a very promising few seconds, proves to be by far their most disappointing effort yet.

Now before I even get to the many negatives that plague this track, let’s talk about the moments where JIKJIN actually showcases how much potential Treasure have. The tracks opening verse and any of the consequent verses that employ a bouncy pop-rock based instrumental are an absolute treat. Had JIKJIN maintained the kind of freewheeling, undiluted energy on display here, then we could have gotten a really fun track.

But instead, we get that centrepiece. One that I hesitate to even call a chorus due its complete pointlessness and awful production. It’s an empty, shouty mess and one that the track can never recover from. Especially since it always appears right after the tracks strongest moments. It’s one of the worst central hooks I’ve heard in ages, both in terms of production aswell as melody. YG seem to be hell bent on doing these kind of boisterous, stupid drops that make no sense and single-handedly ruin the tracks that they are present in. I don’t know who thinks that these moments feel “hype” or are “exciting” because the only thing I feel when I hear this is pain. I mean you had an entire year to plan this comeback and the best you could do is come up with this? You had the perfect hype track template with bonafide classics like Fantastic Baby and I am the Best but instead you decide to keep recycling this obviously awful halftime drop strategy? I honestly feel bad for the boys.

Verses: 8

Chorus: 3

Production: 5

Performance: 7

Final Rating5.75 / 10


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