SONG REVIEW: Treasure – Darari (remix)

Well, what a pleasant surprise this is.

When considering 2022’s most underwhelming comebacks, Treasure’s Jikjin is right up there. It’s awful chorus acted as a smear to the tracks strong guitar assisted verses which pointed towards an exciting new direction for the group. And the general public reflected a similar sentiment, launching the laid back, melodic b-side Darari to viral success instead of the the promoted single. And though I didn’t really think much of the original, the remix gives it a thrilling rock and roll makeover.

Powered by a killer guitar riff and a bucket load of energy, this version of Darari is an absolute blast from start to finish, harnessing the tight melodies of the original recording and bolstering them with a freewheeling arrangement that helps to accentuate the strongest aspects of the original. It’s a track that shows the sheer importance of arrangement, proving that a good song can easily be elevated into a great one with an arrangement that knows how to work around its melodies play to its strengths. For example, the songs chorus isn’t the strongest melody and one that, despite being quite catchy, felt quite throwaway in the original song. Here however it works very well alongside the propulsive production, complementing the production and energy of the track in a surprisingly exciting way. The melody is still kind of flat but the energy goes a long way in making it work.

And the presence of a chorus already makes Darari (remix) a cut above most of the groups other tracks. It’s so nice to hear the boys tackle a fully throated melody in an upbeat soundscape and should really signal a similar approach in future title tracks. They sound pretty damn great, imbuing the song with the necessary youthful yet gritty charm that young YG groups like them theoretically should. This all results in a great listening experience and a surprisingly thrilling remix that improves on the original in almost every single way and results in one of the strongest songs that Treasure have ever put their name to.

Verses: 9

Chorus: 8

Production: 9

Performance: 8

Final Rating8.5/10


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