It’s time to countdown my top 50 singles of 2019! 10 songs, everyday, for the next 5 days. The rules for the countdown are as follows:

  1. Song must be released between 1st January 2019 and 31st of December 2019.
  2. Song must have an accompanying music video and be promoted as a single, regardless of whether another song on the album is also promoted (double title tracks)
  3. No Japanese (sorry Pentagon’s “Cosmo”) or Chinese (sorry WayV) singles eligible for the list

30. SuperM – Jopping

Big, brash, and the complete antithesis to what you would expect SM Entertainment to pursue within the American music market, Jopping was one of the years most bombastic singles and a perfect tribute to the SMP sound that fuelled so much of 1st and 2nd generation SM. Marks rap still remains one of the years most iconic moments.

29. Nam Woohyun (feat. Junoflo) – Hold On Me

This guitar fuelled dance track, courtesy of INFINTE’s main vocal was one of the years absolute best surprises and proved that Woohyun was much more than the (extraordinary) balladeer he had become known for. The injections from rapper Junoflo provide added character, while Woohyun’s immaculate vocals absolutely send the song soaring right up and past its latin influenced instrumental hook.

28. GFRIEND – Sunrise

Taking their newfound symphonic sound from 2018’s Time for the moon night, GFRIEND began the year with their most symphonic and vocally powerful track yet. The songs chorus is absolutely divine, but it’s that go for broke climax that really steals the show as the production revs up and the members provide no less than 3 goosebump inducing high notes.

27. IZ*ONE – Violeta

A worthy follow up to their great debut, Violeta is an exhilarating dance track that truely cemented IZ*ONE’s status as one of the biggest girl groups of 2019. It’s dynamic production introduces various unique elements to transform what would be an otherwise bland track into one of the years standouts. Although WJSN would replicate this sound to much greater effect later in the year, there is no doubt that Violeta was IZ*ONE’s best single of 2019.

26. Youngjae – Forever Love

This came out of absolutely nowhere. Forever Love’s intense edm structure strayed away from many current trends plaguing k-pop to create an extremely refreshing and streamlined dance track that was nostalgic in the best way possible. Wave that anthemic banner high Youngjae. Wave it high.

25. WJSN (Cosmic Girls) – Boogie Up

Hailing from the same agency as “The summer queens” SISTAR, Cosmic Girls were destined to travel down the summer route eventually. Thankfully, that came in the form of the absolutely delightful Boogie Up, which featured one of the years most addicting backing tracks and started off the K-pop summer with an absolute bang. If this song (and its accompanying album) are any indication, Cosmic Girls are perfectly poised to take their position as the next queens of summer.

24. X1 – Flash

An absolutely dynamic debut for the unfortunately short-lived X1, Flash combined so many elements I love about music into one song, that I honestly thought it was going to become my favourite song of the year. Although it slips during the chorus, it’s ever-changing verses and exhilarating production choices easily make it my second favourite debut from a produce group ever. That first minute is absolute bliss

23. Golden Child – Wannabe

Golden Child’s long awaited return, Wannabe was a song that didn’t provide instant gratification, but rather unveiled its charms over multiple listens. The song’s unique soundscape and structure gave it a life of its own, whilst Joochan’s evocative vocals perfectly convey the sultry, yet sophisticated tone of the song.

22. TWICE – Feel Special

2019 was a big year for Asia’s biggest girl group, that saw them transitioning from their more bubblegum roots, towards something much more sophisticated and chic. Feel Special was a full realisation of this shift, providing them with a melancholic deep house groove that resulted their most mature and anthemic title track yet.

21. ONEUS – Valkyrie

Home to the years best guitar riff, Valkyrie was a dynamite debut for boy group ONEUS. It’s slick verses provide the perfect build for that explosive chorus, which still ranks as one of the years best. Although the songs numerous trap breakdowns are abit of a blip on its road towards absolute perfection, it was by far the best track they released in 2019.


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