The 100 Best K-pop B-Sides / Album Tracks of 2020 (100 – 76)

When it comes down to K-pop and music in general, the best songs usually aren't the ones getting promoted. And because of this, their quality is most of the time never unearthed or just completely overlooked by the majority of listeners. I want to change that and that's why I'm going to be counting down … Continue reading The 100 Best K-pop B-Sides / Album Tracks of 2020 (100 – 76)



FINALLY! After almost a three month wait, we've finally been gifted with IZ*ONE's first full length album 'BLOOM*IZ'. The controversy surrounding the produce franchise resulted in the scheduled November release to be postponed indefinitely. Although I wasn't at all happy, I preferred this to outright disbandment. Musically speaking, IZ*ONE are probably my favourite Produce spawned … Continue reading SONG REVIEW: FIESTA – IZ*ONE