TOP 30 ALBUM TRACKS OF 2019: 10 – 1

In 2019, I made an extra effort to listen to more albums in hopes of expanding my tastes and discover more groups. This helped me discover a ton of wonderful album tracks that I would likely have never come across at all. Here are my top 30 album tracks of 2019.

10. BTS – Mikrokosmos

A classic blend of lush synths and comforting melodies, Mikrokosmos combined BTS’s excellent vocal blend to create one of the most subtly anthemic pop songs of the year. It’s a track that never fails to make me smile and the type of song that perfectly conveys the groups message.

9. ATEEZ – Aurora

Taking ATEEZ’s anthemic sound to more melancholic levels, the tracks immaculate production culminated in one of the years most satisfying drops that twisted both tropical house and EDM in more refreshing and anthemic directions. Its ever evolving soundscape and climax are absolutely riveting.

8. Golden Child – Don’t Run Away

From it’s opening moments to it’s post chorus hook, Don’t Run Away is an absolute blast of a pop song and a perfect fit for Golcha’s vocals. It’s excellent post chorus hook is one of the years most instant and anthemic shots of melody.

7. NU’EST – Stay Up All Night

The best synth heavy mid tempo of the year, Stay Up All Night‘s yearning hook and compressed instrumental breakdown combine to create a track that unveils its charms overtime rather than instantly. It’s all at once emotional, heartbreaking, and calming. Easily my favourite NU’EST track in years.

6. Under Nineteen – Shooting Star

Under Nineteen harnessed the power of mega producers Sweetune to create the most propulsive and best track to come out of a 2019 survival show. Its dynamic chorus is classic Sweetune and makes me honestly wonder why resulting group, 1THE9 never chose to replicate this sound by enlisting them as producers.

5. Golden Child – She’s My Girl

Taking influence from the deadly lockstep groove of SHINee’s masterful Sherlock, Golden Child added yet another showstopper to their discography that absolutely begged to be performed on the live stage. To put it simply, it’s a relentless showstopper.

4. WJSN – Luckitty-cat

Taking influence from KARA can never be a bad thing, and WJSN were the perfect group to continue their legacy with the propulsive dance pop of Luckitty-cat. Its unrelenting energy heavily recalls past hits such as Mama Mia, but that ingenious injection of rap and standout hook is all WJSN.

3. Golden Child – Lately

If the fact that 3 tracks from Re-boot made it onto my top 10 doesn’t prove my love for the album, then I don’t know what does. The combination riveting electric guitar, strings and very Infinite –esque synths give Lately greater anthemic heft and basically leaves me in pop wonderland.

2. ATEEZ – Utopia

My favourite ATEEZ track from my favourite ATEEZ album, Utopia fuses a potent dance pop beat with sky high vocals to create an anthem for the ages. It’s shout to the Sky hook is one of the years most exhilarating moments, but it’s the extremely melodic pre-chorus and climax that really steals the show.

1. Dreamcatcher – Silent Night

The years most unique and exhilarating track, Silent Night pushed Dreamcatcher’s sound in very exciting directions. It combined an invigorating blend of ornate strings, sinister synths reminiscent of 2017’s also awesome Sleep-walking and a climactic psytrance breakdown to create a track that sounded like nothing else in 2019. It’s a thrilling ride and results in Dreamcatchers best track yet.


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