TOP 30 ALBUM TRACKS OF 2019: 20 – 11

In 2019, I made an extra effort to listen to more albums in hopes of expanding my tastes and discover more groups. This helped me discover a ton of wonderful album tracks that I would likely have never come across at all. Here are my top 30 album tracks of 2019.

20. ONEUS – Red Thread

One of the years most emotive tracks, the dynamic EDM of Red Thread showcased that a dynamic melody and excellent vocal performance can elevate pretty much any song from its more generic roots. Though the track in my mind will always be tied to Haruki Murakami’s Novel Norwegian Wood (for…. reasons), there’s no denying the strength of the the yearning hook and heart-wrenching bridge. ONEUS’s most impactful track yet.

19. WJSN – WW

An excellent disco inspired track that moves from one point to another without missing a beat, WW could have settled as just another electro pop track but becomes something much much more thanks to’s pitch perfect production and the girls effortless vocals.

18. BTS – Dionysus

A dynamic rock/hip-hop fusion, Dionysus recalls BTS’s debut era sound in thrilling fashion proving that the group can still go hard if they wanted to. Its double time climax is one of the years most exhilarating moments, further improved by its numerous (excellent) live performances.

17. Oh My Girl (Mimi, YooA, Jiho, Arin) – Vogue

An attitude infused blast of catwalk ready electro-pop, Vogue was one of The fifth season’s best surprises. Although those groovy verses showcase the members in a new light, that melodic chorus is all Oh My Girl. The song also gave us the iconic “pose, pose” so there’s that.


One of the years most relaxing tracks, HEY SUMMER provided one of the most refreshing examples of the instrumental drop chorus, substituting overused EDM samples for an ascending guitar loop that works wonders. One of the years most endlessly replay-able tracks.

15. WJSN – Oh My Summer

My favourite track off WJSN’s killer summer album ‘For The Summer’, Oh My Summer is a jubilant burst of summer time pop elevated from other tracks thanks to its megawatt hook and anthemic energy. Few tracks this year felt so alive. (Also Luda looked great)

14. ONEUS – BingBing

Coasting along on an extremely addictive whistle hook, the Iggy and Youngbae produced BingBing is my favourite track released by ONEUS in 2019. This is due to its fantastic production, and a chorus that only grows bigger as the track goes on.

13. Golden Child – Compass

One of the best synth drenched mid-tempo’s of the year, Compass is the type of song that Golden Child absolutely excels at. Though the production and vocal performance is extremely solid, it’s the absolutely killer chorus that really makes it one of the years best tracks.

12. TWICE – Love Foolish

In a year that saw TWICE shift their sound towards a more mature direction, the sophisticated deep house groove was the track that truely cemented their transformation. From its sassy spoken word hook to its attitude filled verses, no other track released this year was so effortlessly cool. Though many have attempted this particular sound before, Love Foolish is its undeniable pinnacle.

11. PRODUCE X 101 – To My World

One of the best songs to ever come out of the Produce franchise, the hard hitting funk of To My World expertly showcased the charisma of each of its performers. The hooks stick immediately and the dynamic rap verses send the track soaring into the stratosphere. Rarely do you find track so streamlined yet bursting with so much character.


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