TOP 30 ALBUM TRACKS OF 2019: 30 – 21

In 2019, I made an extra effort to listen to more albums in hopes of expanding my tastes and discover more groups. This helped me discover a ton of wonderful album tracks that I would likely have never come across at all. Here are my top 30 album tracks of 2019, with some honourable mentions.

Honourable Mentions:

40. Love Is Over – Rocket Punch

39. Spring Snow – Pentagon

38. Deep In Love – Day6

37. Blue Orangeade TXT

36. Over The Sky – Dreamcatcher

35. All Day – ONF

34. Dancing Like Butterfly Wings – ATEEZ

33. No Matter What (Jang jun & TAG) – Golden Child

32. Like Always – X1

31. I Can’t Stand The Rain – SuperM

30. ATEEZ: Promise

A propulsive edm influenced track that takes a more explosive approach to ATEEZ’s pirate concept. Its central drop is one of the most exhilarating centrepieces of the year.

29. ARIAZ – Where U R (Yunji x Dawon Aria)

Featuring one of most gorgeous choruses, Where U R is a classic pop song drenched in fantastical synths and powered by one of the best vocal performances of the year.


Though I wasn’t overly crazy about title track Bet Bet, I was completely captivated by the dynamic backing track of Bass that injected a healthy dose of well…. bass over an excellent hook.

27. Jeong Sewoon – Love In Fall

Though I’ve never really connected with any of his singles, the ultra melodic production and addictive hooks of Love In Fall unveiled many of Jeong Sewoon’s hidden charms and proved to have immense staying power.

26. ATEEZ – Dazzling Light

Proving that instrumental drops can still work if the songwriting and production is immaculate, Dazzling Light provided one of the years most cathartic tracks with an instrumental hook that absolutely explodes.

25 – IZ*ONE – Highlight

The catwalk ready groove of Highlight proved an excellent match for IZ*ONE who imbue the track with the necessary vocal performance required to make it really pop. But it’s that immaculate production that really steals the show. It’s just one addictive hook after another

24. ASTRO – 1 In A Million

Though ASTRO took a more mature turn this year, tracks like 1 In A Million are prove that no other group can pull of ultra poppy synth pop like them. It’s propulsive, catchy as hell chorus is bound to lodge itself in your brain eventually.

23. PRODUCE X 101 – Boyness

Though marred by controversy, the fourth and presumably final season of the produce franchise gifted us with many amazing tracks. One of these, was the deep house influenced Boyness which harnessed its sultry groove over a propulsive dance beat and killer hook. Its dynamic bridge is especially great.

22. ONF – Asteroid

Acting as a sonic sequel to the groups 2018 masterpiece Complete, Asteroid’s propulsive dance beat and excellent hook are a riveting combination. But it’s that post chorus breakdown that truely shoots it into the stratosphere. It’s just deliriously great.

21. GOT7 – PAGE

The track that began GOT7’s resurgence in my eyes, Page pulses with unflagging energy and was the first GOT7 album track in years that found a place into my playlist. It’s no wonder it was originally considered to act as the title track. The two part chorus is killer.


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