SONG REVIEW: Nun Nu Nan Na – Cignature

Along with a multitude of comebacks, the 3rd of February also heralded the debut of two new groups into the industry. One of these is Cignature, C9 entertainments new girl group. Although I have my qualms with C9 entertainment, especially their mistreatment of Good Day, I have liked some of brother group CIX’s work. This and the fact that 5 of 7 members were formerly in Good Day, my expectations began to rise. Unfortunately, Nun Nu Nan Na comes off more a retread than a statement of intention, although it isn’t without its charms.

Much of Nun Nu Nan Na strongly adheres to the sing-talk style of songwriting, which although I don’t particularly like, I can kind of appreciate. It provides an addictive brew of quotable, yet sassy refrains that for the backbone of the tracks standout verses. The thumping bass during the verses is also a refreshing touch, over traditional hi-hats. Here the girls prove that they can hold their own, imbuing the song with enough character and personality to elevate these segments above traditional girl group fare. I especially love the fact that there is no momentum killing trap break down to de-rail the songs propulsive nature. Melodically, the songs pre chorus is great, providing a cathartic build towards the tracks centerpiece.

However, where we run into trouble is the hook, which although not bad; has an element which I absolutely cannot stand. That of course is the post chorus hook, which grates almost immediately. I get that it’s meant to act as the catchy instantly quotable catchphrase, but it just doesn’t work. It’s more annoying than novel and pretty much abolishes most of the goodwill the track had been building upto this point. The production here is also incredibly overstuffed and loud, coming off as more irritating the longer it plays. The chorus however, is pretty nice, providing a template for the groups vocalists to showcase their skills alongside a nice collection of pop hooks.

Though more of a meow than a roar, Nun Nu Nan Na is still a more than promising debut track, and one that shows that Cignature is a group with immense talent. Lets just hope it’s utilised for a dynamic followup later in the year.

Verses: 9

Chorus: 7

Production: 7

Performance: 7

Final Rating7.5 / 10

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