After almost a three month wait, we’ve finally been gifted with IZ*ONE’s first full length album ‘BLOOM*IZ’. The controversy surrounding the produce franchise resulted in the scheduled November release to be postponed indefinitely. Although I wasn’t at all happy, I preferred this to outright disbandment. Musically speaking, IZ*ONE are probably my favourite Produce spawned group. Barring their Japanese output (which is mostly terrible), their Korean material has had an all killer, no filler approach resulting in 2 great mini albums, and singles. This trend continues with FIESTA, their funkiest single yet.

What first caught me about Fiesta was that it was the groups first Korean title track to have a fully throated chorus. Whilst both La Vie en Rose and Violeta had potent refrains at their core, their hooks were usually the tracks least dynamic aspect. For Fiesta it’s the complete opposite. Fiesta‘s chorus pulses with the kind of energy that I’ve wanted from their other singles. It’s propulsive, impactful, instantly catchy and easily the tracks strongest segment. I also adore the carnival -esque post chorus breakdown. Though the high pitched synths surprised me the first time around, they provide the track with excellent textural variety. The girls also sound fantastic, especially Wonyoung who has come leaps and bounds since their debut.

The tracks instrumental is also consistently wonderful, combining elements of deep house and classic funk that really make the it feel fresh. Even during the expected rap breakdown, it twists and turns in interesting ways, making sure the momentum never stalls. It really feels as though the track is constantly powering forward, and I adore this approach. The dramatic pre-chorus and bridge also pack a punch, providing an anthemic prelude to the tracks gargantuan hook.

If anything, the track feels a little too overstuffed. There are so many elements just flying everywhere, it’s not hard to feel a little overwhelmed at times. The production also comes off slightly compressed to my ears. It’s no where near Buenos Aires or Vampire bad, but it does cause me to deduct a few points. The backing track also sometimes over powers the vocals, which I find quite odd for such a high budget production. I don’t know if it’s just my headphones or a production choice, but it hinders what is otherwise an excellent track from the girls. If all goes well, this might just be their Very Very Very or Energetic.

Now onto the album!

Verses: 9

Chorus: 9

Production: 8

Performance: 9

Final Rating8.75 / 10


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