Oh No

Ohhhhh Noooo

Where do I even begin with this song. DKB are probably a group full of talent, but a debut like Sorry Mama is not doing them any favours. I really wonder what the A&R team were thinking when they suggested that a song that favoured swaggy posturing for most of its verses, only to devolve into a hook that rests on the refrain on the extremely cringeyworthy “mianhe omma” or “sorry mama”.

Sorry Mama is another one of those run of the mill edm/trap mashups that have become ever so popular for boy groups in the past few years. I’m not a huge fan of it now, and I don’t think i’ll ever be. It’s loud, boisterous, and results in an overall ugly listening experience. There are a few sparks to be found in this particular brew however, with the pre-chorus and those heavenly female vocal samples at the songs climax; but other than that, there isn’t really anything going for the track.

Since they hail from Brave entertainment, I hope their future holds tracks as great as Brave Girl’s Rollin or Memory, but for now, Sorry Mama is just a boisterous, cringeworthy debut that I doubt many will look back with fond memories in the future.

Verses: 5

Chorus: 4

Production: 4

Performance: 6

Final Rating4.75 / 10


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