SONG REVIEW: Call My Name – Black6ix


It’s honestly gotten to the point where I’m beginning to question what the hell producers are thinking when they sit down to compose these tracks. There isn’t an ounce of originality to be found here. Though I loved their debut, and understand the troubles of being stuck in nugudom, it isn’t hard to say that Call My Name sounds identical to any number of boy group tracks released in the past few months. From the blaring synths, to the obnoxious vocal delivery nothing feels remotely exciting or thrilling. The track lurches forward with only a single objective in mind. To go “hard”. This approach only works if structured with galvanising shots of melody (refer to Stray Kids Miroh, or A.C.E Under Cover). However, Call My Name also adheres to the dreaded beat drop formula for its centrepiece. Though not grating, it comes off as a copy past from a number of other tracks.

There isn’t a single original bone within Call My Name‘s aggressive brew. It almost seems as though there was a checklist of every standard boy group hype track trope, and the producers simply adhered to it without looking elsewhere. The production also comes off as oddly compressed and tinny, though that’s probably more a budget issue than anything else. With all that being said, there are glimpses of greatness within the tracks rather generic roots. Call My Name’s final 35 seconds show a glimpse of how great the song could have been if the producers chose to be more ambitious. The production revs up to unprecedented levels here, as the guitar and synths become more pronounced. Black6ix attack every second of this climax, as If their lives depended on it. Soaring background vocals support the otherwise limp hook, elevating it to delirious levels.

But in the end, it isn’t enough to elevate an otherwise generic track from its plodding and uninspiring roots.

Verses: 6

Chorus: 6

Production: 4

Performance: 7

Final Rating5.75/10


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