Though often regarded as K-pop's leading female act, it has almost become a rite of passage to approach every BLACKPINK comeback with a healthy sense of scepticism. Casual fans of the genre often bend to the loud, often addicting presentation of these tracks but those more jaded fans such as myself usually find them unpleasant … Continue reading SONG REVIEW: BLACKPINK – Pink Venom


SONG REVIEW: Lemon Candy – Pink Fantasy

After 2019's sensational Fantasy, Pink Fantasy have been going through an unfortunate downward spiral. Both commercially and musically. Neither of their follow up singles were all too promising and the departure of some of their more popular members hit them pretty hard. Lemon Candy is a pre-release single for their upcoming mini album and unfortunately, … Continue reading SONG REVIEW: Lemon Candy – Pink Fantasy

SONG REVIEW: Ice Cream (with Selena Gomez) – Blackpink

I had literally no expectations coming into this pre-release but it still managed to underwhelm me. As many could tell by reading my scathing review of their last comeback, I’m not the biggest fan of Blackpink. Their early material was pretty strong but ever since 2018’s megahit Ddu Du Ddu Du, I’ve felt a very obvious … Continue reading SONG REVIEW: Ice Cream (with Selena Gomez) – Blackpink