After releasing some strong but otherwise rather similar tracks for their first few years, Twice wowed me last year with the one two punch of Fancy and Feel Special. The girls had expressed a desire to expand conceptually for years and 2019 was really a year to spread their wings. So far, almost every song within this transformation has been good to great so my expectations for More & More were very high. Unfortunately, much like almost every other 2020 comeback, it feels utterly underwhelming.

The primary appeal of every Twice song up until now has been the presence of a fully throated, incredibly sticky hook. Whether it had the catchy buoyancy of Cheer Up or the anthemic catharsis of Feel Special, each song felt like it had a rock solid centrepiece. More & More does not. Now I would be fine if the track had a mildly enjoyable drop, but the instrumental here is incredibly grating. The warped backing vocals and tropical swirls do not do the track any favours. Combine that with rather out of place chanting of the songs title and you’ve got the groups worst and easily forgettable chorus. It was easily my least favourite aspect on first listen and I still stand by that. The dance break also puts a complete halt to the tracks momentum, pulling us into a soundscape of warped lockstep electronics.

The verses however, are better. They do feel a little aimless and plodding but are easily the strongest the track has to offer. As with their last two singles, it’s refreshing to hear the girls tackle a track more in line with their natural voices. This results in a polished performance that really carries much of the track. The pre-chorus and bridge are also highlights pointing towards what could have been a much more engaging track. Had the producers opted to build the track around these moments, we could have had a track worthy of its two predecessors.

Verses: 7

Chorus: 6

Production: 7

Performance: 8

Final Rating7 / 10


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