The debut of a Korean JYP girl group is always an exciting prospect. They're a company that have yet to miss in this particular department, having both a killer current roster and incredibly star studded history. And usually the debut tracks that these acts are introduced with are equally as great as the groups themselves. … Continue reading SONG REVIEW: NMIXX – O.O

SONG REVIEW: God’s Menu – Stray Kids

Stray Kids released my favourite song of 2019 with the incredible Miroh and have since found a permanent place on my bias list. Since that show stopping performance, they've comeback with the equally exhilarating Side Effects and consistently strong 'Cle:Levanter' mini album. Considering that 'Go Live' was going to be the groups debut full length … Continue reading SONG REVIEW: God’s Menu – Stray Kids


Stray Kids had an incredible 2019, releasing two of the years strongest and most unique singles in Miroh and Side Effects. But inbetween these blockbuster singles, the group have also been releasing multiple album tracks and mixtapes to keep their ever growing fanbase well fed. Most of these songs have been pleasent, but have lacked … Continue reading SONG REVIEW: Mixtape: On Track – STRAY KIDS