Beast Sides: OMG – Golden Child

While I predominantly cover singles on here, I’ve always been an avid consumer of albums. More often than not, this results in some songs that I adore but others that I detest. As a remedy to this issue, please welcome an all new feature, Beast Sides! These songs put the Beast in B-side and are either stronger than their accompanying title track or songs that are just too solid to leave out.

Golden Childs first full length album ‘Re:boot’ rightfully earned its place as my favourite album of 2019 and January’s Without You repackage did little to change that sentiment. And while ‘Take A Leap’ arguably harbours the trilogies strongest title track in the brillinat One (Lucid Dream), the album is a much more tepid affair. In fact, I would go as far as to say its probably my least favourite record in the groups discography. But least favourite in an incredible discography is relative. For me there are far too many average mid-tempos to really leave an impact. There were highlights however. Tracks like Moment and Pass Me By are cheesy but undeniably enjoyable boy band ballads but the track I really want to highlight is the propulsive funk of OMG.

I’ve spent the majority of the year in search of these kinds of bombastic electro-funk tracks. Not only is it one of my favourite musical genres, but the sense of joy tracks like this elicit is almost unlike another. 2020 has spread a cloud of angst and gloom over both our social climate and kpop but tracks like this are the perfect remedy. In fact I was already certain that OMG would be my favourite track off the mini-album based on its producers alone. LEEZ and Ollounder are easily my favourite producers working right now and their names on a track almost always means its going to be great. Not only have they been responsible for two of this years best singles but they are also responsible for my favourite album of the year. And while OMG isn’t the dark anthems of ATEEZ or Dreamcatcher, its rapid-fire collection of hooks and exhilarating production just hit the right spot.

Opening with an instantly addicting electro pulse, OMG‘s first verse is a near perfect encapsulation of how to create an engaging intro. Too many tracks this year have found themselves open with the same murky and boring production choices to really leave an impact and tracks like this reaffirm my hope in the idea that verses actually matter. The same could be said for OMG‘s chorus, which spirals into a cavalcade of instantly infectious hooks. This combined with the clipped vocal adlibs make for a wonderfully enjoyable centrepiece. It’s so great to finally hear a chorus that feels full and joyful and if any group were to pull it off with so much flair, it had to be Golden Child.

However, my favourite part of the track has to be Tag and Jangjun’s incredibly charismatic rap break during the tracks third verse. It flows seamlessly from the second chorus and proves that you don’t need a downtempo trap beat whenever a rapper comes in. This effortlessly transitions into the gorgeous vocal led bridge before that final chorus comes bouncing back in to even more invigorating effect. So while I love the title track, I still think that OMG is a *tad* stronger.

Verses: 9

Chorus: 10

Production: 9

Performance: 10

Final Rating9.5 / 10


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