SONG REVIEW: Blueprint – Stray Kids

While ‘GO LIVE’ has been out for around two weeks by now, the groups release schedule prompted me to delay that feature for a few more. During each of the comebacks, the group have more often than not chosen to promote a few tracks alongside the main title track. So rather than write an album review and classify some future promotional tracks as b-sides, I thought it would be better to hold off the album writeup till the end of this promotional cycle. The first track off the album to get the single treatment is Blueprint (청사진) and it’s a surprisingly great choice.

There are many tracks on the album that I prefer to lead single God’s Menu and Blueprint is definitely one of those. On my first listen, it along with Phobia and Haven proved instant hits. Not only was its more laid back and upbeat sound a great fit for the boys, but the tracks melody and overall vibe feels perfect for the upcoming kpop summer. It’s a sound the group have tackled in the past but few of them have come out as fully realised as Blueprint. In the midst of the groups more ‘hard’ and aggressive title tracks, songs like this are an indication of how versatile of a group Stray Kids really are. The hook here I just great, acting as both a comforting tonic and a catchy pop centrepiece. While not the knockout electro throb or mammoth refrain we’ve come to expect from a group like Stray Kids, it proves that sometimes going more reserved is the perfect choice

However, my favourite part of the track has to be the great instrumental. That repeating guitar loop is great, imbuing the track with an added sense of continuity and catchiness. And while there is a heavy dose of trap incorporated, none of it really feels like it’s bringing the track to a meandering halt. Much of this could also be attributed to the groups great vocals and rapping, which help elevate the tracks more disjointed moments into a fun cohesive track. It might not be earth shattering or the best thing the group has ever released, but its perfect for the season. Pretty happy this was one of the tracks that got promoted. Now just give me an mv for Haven and we Gucci.

Verses: 8

Chorus: 9

Production: 9

Performance: 9

Final Rating8.75 / 10


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