DRIPPIN debuted last year with the stunning Nostalgia, instantly cementing themselves as one of this generations most promising rookies. Their stylish dance pop sound was incredibly refreshing and bled through into the supporting mini album, 'Boyager' which also was home to some of 2020's strongest B-sides. But as important as a debut is, equally important … Continue reading SONG REVIEW: Young Blood – DRIPPIN

SONG REVIEW: One (Lucid Dream) – Golden Child

Despite the fact that Golden Child are one of my favourite groups, 2020 has firmly taught me to never hold any expectations. Compared to both 2018 and 2019, this years singles have felt rather underwhelming, adhering much more to stale trends than forming strong, unique melodies. But while the title tracks have mostly been lacklustre, … Continue reading SONG REVIEW: One (Lucid Dream) – Golden Child