SONG REVIEW: Tag Me (@Me) – Weeekly

Ok it’s been a few days since the release of Tag Me (@Me) but I’ve finally got around to giving it the full review that it deserves. Better late than never I guess! Weeekly’s debut has been one of the years more anticipated events and while I do enjoy the work of label mates Apink quite abit, I was quite sceptical coming into Tag Me. The teasers pointed towards a standard shouty girl group track that we’ve seen done waaaaay too many times by now. Thankfully, this debut stands out as one of 2020’s best examples of classic, unadulterated kpop goodness.

Right from the start, you know you’re in for a good time. The chirpy chant that opens the track has the potential to be cloying but works solely based on the girls commitment and pulsing instrumental. It transforms what could be the tracks weakest element into its most catchy hook. I’m so glad it isn’t only relegated to the intro as it functions incredibly well as a post chorus refrain too. While the girls do provide a rather hyper caffeinated delivery, especially during the verses, the track doesn’t forget to really showcase the strength of the girls vocals. The chorus and bridge are the best examples of this, allowing the girls to really belt it out without the need for any needless vocal contortions. “nyanyanya”‘s seem essential! It’s heavily reminiscent of Rocket Punch’s Bouncy from earlier in the year but the vocal performances here are much stronger. Even the

This brings me to the instrumental, which pulses with an addictive dance beat and an equally equally energetic surf guitar backbone. It’s rare to see such an instrumental flourish in 2020 but I welcome it with open arms. The fact that it’s ever-present throughout the track is just great and adds a very unique texture to the girls debut. It also helps maintain the momentum throughout Tag Me’s runtime and while I could do without the second verse trap breakdown, I actually think it comes and goes without much fuss. Tag Me isn’t perfect but it’s a strong first entry for Weeekly into the kpop world.

*Also I’m counting this as a July release even though it technically came out at the end of June

Verses: 8

Chorus: 9

Production: 9

Performance: 8

Final Rating8.5 / 10


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