Rookie group MCND have already perfected one of the key promotional tactics needed for any under the radar rookie group and that is mass promotion. They’ve really never stopped being out of the public eye and while this doesn’t always guarantee success, it’s one of the better ways for groups to stay somewhat relevant. And while I have had my qualms with the quality of music, sometimes you just got to get your name on the map. And in that way, I kind of admire them. That’s probably why despite its many flaws, I’m strangely charmed by new single nanana. Although not in a really good way.

Let’s start off with the many issues I have with nanana. First of all, it feels way too busy. I can appreciate when songs choose to go big or overstuff themselves with elements but nanana just feels like sensory overload. And I don’t mean this in a good way. There’s isn’t a single moment to breathe throughout nanana‘s entire run time and while this is an approach that can sometimes work, it doesn’t do this song any favours. The overall arrangement is just too overwhelming, too obnoxious to really carry any longevity or engaging melodic peaks. At its worst it feels like budget Monsta X and to these ears, that’s already a less than desirable sound. There’s too much shouting, too many needless chants and a frenzied instrumental that doesn’t leave any room at all. This all results in a listening experience that leans towards being more exhausting than enjoyable.

But there are a few things that salvage nanana from being a total mess. I like how the chorus is actually sung (or rather shouted) in place of an instrumental loop and the increased bpm does lend the track a bit more momentum. It feels more interesting than what could have potentially been another lurching drop but it does little to really make the end result feel more exciting. The rap is also another solid addition but that’s to be expected from an MCND song. But given that these are the only compliments I can muster up for this comeback is quite a shame. Especially since great tracks like Breathe and Bumpin’ were criminally buried on the same project.

Verses: 6

Chorus: 7

Production: 6

Performance: 7

Final Rating6.5 / 10


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