KBOPPED Weekly Charts: 24/08/20

I’ve always had a bit of a problem with Korea’s chart system so i thought, why not come up with my own! Let me introduce the Kbopped weekly charts! These charts will be solely based on my own play history and will feature my top 20 most played tracks of the week be it Korean, Japanese, Chinese or even English! 

Welcome back to another installment of Kbopped’s weekly charts!

True to form, the second week bares very little resemblance to last weeks J-pop dominated landscape. My listening habits change very quickly and honestly I wasn’t too surprised that the songs I listened to over the past week were so divergent. Only 5 of the songs from last week remain within the top 20; including only 2 songs from the top 5.

This week we got the return of three of my favourite groups and you can easily see their material peppered heavily throughout the top 20. The shift in release date has really helped gain a more balanced understanding of what I listen to throughout the week and I’m honestly really happy with how it’s turned out (even though it’s only the second week!).

Topping the charts this week is Dreamcatcher’s fantastic comeback single Boca with equally strong album track Can’t Get You Out Of My Mind trailing closely behind in second place. And while it didn’t receive as favourable of a review as some of the tracks below it, ONEUS’ To Be Or Not To Be easily takes the third spot with a big gap over its closest competitor. It’s a song that I was unnecessarily harsh on upon its release and while many of the criticisms I had still stand, I now believe its strengths far outweighs its faults.

Oh but what is this? An English track at number 4!? This is the first time a song by a western artist has made an appearance on the charts and I’m so glad that Rina Sawayama’s Tokyo Love Hotel was the one to do it. Over the past week I’ve been completely immersed in Rina’s debut full length album ‘Sawayama’. It’s a fantastic pop record with great, daring production and the heavy presence of much of the tracklist within this weeks charts should be telling of my love for it. It joins The Weeknd’s “After Hours”, Dua Lipa’s “Future Nostalgia” and Lady Gaga’s “Chromatica” on the list of my favourite Western albums of the year. And if I had to rank them, “Sawayama” would probably be right there near the top.

ITZY’s attitude infused Not Shy rounds off the top five and is another song that’s gotten more addictive with time. Below I’ve implemented a new tracker for the number of weeks a song has spent on the charts and another area that mentions songs that are leaving the charts this week. I think these will be a nice indicators for those who like to follow these charts and will act as nice little personal tallies that I can look back on when I’m feeling particularly geeky.

Now onto the charts!

#1Dreamcatcher – Boca22(NEW)
#2Dreamcatcher – Can’t Get You Out Of My Mind20(NEW)
#3ONEUS – To Be Or Not To Be20(NEW)
#4Rina Sawayama – Tokyo Love Hotel16(NEW)
#5ITZY – Not Shy15(NEW)
#6TXT – Everlasting Shine14(NEW)
#7Sexy Zone – RUN13(↓6)
#8Rina Sawayama – Love Me For Me13(NEW)
#9ONEUS – Airplane12(NEW)
#10ONF – Sukhumvit Swimming12(↓10)
#11Rina Sawayama – Snakeskin12(NEW)
#12BTS – Dynamite11(NEW)
#13Dua Lipa – Physical10(NEW)
#14ATEEZ – THANXX10(↓5)
#15ITZY – Surf9(NEW)
#16Kenshi Yonezu – Placebo8(↑3)
#17Rina Sawayama – Dynasty 8(NEW)
#18Rina Sawayama – Who’s Gonna Save You Now8(NEW)
#19Rina Sawayama – XS8(NEW)
#201THE9 – Bad Guy7(↓6)

Weeks on Chart:

1THE9 – Bad Guy: 2


Kenshi Yonezu – Placebo: 2

ONF – Sukhumvit Swimming: 2

Sexy Zone – RUN: 2

Songs Leaving the Chart this week: (15)

Hey! Say! JUMP – Last Mermaid

V6 – Be Yourself!

Da-ice – Dreamin’ On 

Hey! Say! JUMP – I AM

ONF – Geppeto

Sekai No Owari – Umbrella

Offical HIGE DANdism – Yesterday

Cho Jung Seok – Aloha

SuperM – 100

J.Y.P – When We Disco (Duet with Sunmi)

Boyhood – Retro Love

Kazuma Kiryu – Baka Mitai

Leo leiri – Harukaze

Offical HIGE DANdism – Laughter

SixTONES – Navigator


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