For the past few years, double title tracks have been a dying breed. Although they experienced mass popularity in the early to mid 2010’s, they’ve all but disappeared from the promotional schedules of major groups. It’s a choice that would have likely solved many of the rather underwhelming single choices we’ve seen this year as most groups have comeback with singles far weaker than their accompanying b-sides. That’s why I was so excited when ATEEZ announced their return with another set of double title tracks. And while Inception won out in the end, I’m so happy they went through with the promotion of THANXX, the superior single.

Whereas Inception felt a little more soundalike to really leave much of an impact, THANXX is pure ATEEZ from start to finish. It’s a fantastic display of their pirate aesthetic and while I would have liked them to pursued a different sound for their new album series (trance or rock would have been nice), I understand why they chose a single that stuck to their guns. It’s a sound that no other group can even come close to replicating and this kind of individuality really goes a long way. It’s a strong showcase for the boys talents and the freewheeling, charisma laden verses show exactly why. The instrumentation is very strong, utilising a great guitar riff, pounding percussion and trap to create somthing that very rarely feels like its lacking momentum.

At its best, THANXX feels like Wonderland‘s less ambitious younger brother and while that may seem like a dig, it’s actually a massive compliment. Wonderland was one of 2019’s biggest and best singles so the fact that we get something even close to that in 2020 is pretty great. It’s definitely not nearly as strong as Wonderland (I mean few songs are) but it’s sheer bombast is to be appreciated. The militant chorus is just fantastic and while there isn’t much of a melody to be found, feels grandiose enough to feel like a worthy centrepiece. And just like any great ATEEZ single, it ramps up big time for a larger than life finale which just explodes with power. This is pure ATEEZ through and through and I honestly couldn’t be happier.

Verses: 9

Chorus: 9

Production: 9

Performance: 9

Final Rating9 / 10


10 thoughts on “SONG REVIEW: THANXX – ATEEZ

  1. Yeah!

    ATEEZ should do rock or Trance!

    Imagine how good it might sound!

    But I think it will be also awesome if they stick to their musical guns!

    What if 2021 , them and Onf release their version of Rising Sun!

    It would be cool


  2. GUITAR ???? are you really a musician ? How in the world is that a guitar ? Not expecting you to know a middle eastern instrument but calling it GUITAR is the biggest jocke of the century


      1. If kq has actually done that , I’m dissapointed in them …. that’s Oud and I think if you’ve actually trained your ears you could distinguish the difference between the sound of a guitar with this… and this song is in middle eastern modes , nothing is latin ….


  3. I am seriously late while saying this but this is actually guitar. Not some Middle Eastern element.

    So many people have been confused by this but they just heard the opening instrumental of the song and then are super quick to say that “Middle Eatern Element”

    So many people have been calling it Indian , Turkish or whatever.

    But truth is , its’ none of that and Kpop Stans are so quick to get crazy of hearing another culture (especially the White girls who use Twitter daily).

    Even if it is another culture’s , It’s still frickin guitar


    1. I agree with everything here. Sometimes its hard to really pick out exactly what instrument tracks use so its best to just check from the company or producers themselves.

      And don’t even get me started with the mess that is Kpop Stan Twitter.

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