SONG REVIEW: ATEEZ – Eternal Sunshine

I don’t think it would be an understatement to say that ATEEZ ruled 2019. Their epic Treasure series was and still is one of the most ambitious and ground breaking projects in K-pop history and while still relatively strong, their Fever series has lacked the kind of truly killer moments that characterised its predecessor. Sure we got the majestic Take Me Home in March but even initial highlights like last years THANXX lacked the kind of longevity usually held by the best ATEEZ tracks. Thankfully, Eternal Sunshine corrects the ship, gifting ATEEZ their strongest single since Answer.

My favourite ATEEZ album is still their stunning June 2019 mini ‘TREASURE: One To All’. It was an all killer, no filler project and Eternal Sunshine would fit right in next to tracks like Wave and Aurora. And while it has been around for around a month, the music video just makes the entire package so much more enjoyable. This is a brilliant summer sounding k-pop track, incorporating the kind of buoyant yet blissful sound that just hits differently. The first verse is a great example of this, kicking off with some gorgeous overlapping tropical synths and adlibs before Seonghwa initiates the first line with a soft yet instantly gripping melody. The instrumentation and delivery work together in tandem, giving a verse that just radiates a feeling of freedom. It achieves what great summer themed tracks do and that’s make you feel fresh and happy. It’s one of the few times we hear the boys sing so softly and it’s something that pays off in spades. We even get to hear Mingi sing!

But Eternal Sunshine really comes into its own during the soaring chorus, which opens with a gorgeous melody before transitioning into an equally cathartic synth loop for its post chorus. ATEEZ have always prided themselves on some great hooks and Eternal Sunshine is another one to add to their already potent massive roster of mammoth choruses. And just when you think it couldn’t get better, we reach the chanted bridge, the highlight in a song full of highlights. This is a moment of pure euphoria, breaking free from the kind of expected song structure into a loose, chanted, carnival-esque moment that just gets you grooving. And this is the moment where that kind of loose, funk laced song craft that keeps popping up here are there (bright synths, background disco strings) give way to just pure, undiluted funk. And with summer just around the corner here down under, I feel like im just destined to replay this song over and over again.

Verses: 10

Chorus: 9

Production: 9

Performance: 9

Final Rating9.25/ 10


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