SONG REVIEW: Helicopter – CLC

CLC are one of those groups that I’ve desperately wanted to like more than I do. There are moments in their discography that really shine, but as a whole it doesn’t really connect with me. For every To The Sky or No you’ve got a High Heels or (even though many loved it) Me. I appreciate it when the group inject a strong melody into their tracks but in most cases, especially recently, it’s been more a case of attitude over melody. This approach has worked really well in the past but despite an incredible performance, I don’t think Helicopter is one of those instances.

Opening with an irritating siren riff that’s characterised many of the years most undesirable comebacks, Helicopter‘s introduction doesn’t do it any favours. Thankfully it transitions into the tracks strongest moment, Yeeun’s fantastic rap verse. I’ve always admired Yeeun as a performer and here she really proves why she’s one of the best and most charismatic rappers within the industry right now. She attacks the opening verse, demanding immediate attention from the listener. In fact, despite how derivative this entire opening segment is, it works much better than expected. Even the expected shift into a vaguely anthemic pre-chorus feels much more natural thanks to just how well the girls manage to sell it.

But despite how great they perform, there’s no getting past the fact that Helicopter is horribly generic. Given a complete muscial makeover and we could have potentially had a really strong track but the unnecessarily loud and oddly flat production does it absolutely no favours whatever. It honestly feels like it could have been given to any of either, (g)-idle, Blackpink, Everglow or even KARD and feels way too soundalike to really leave an impact. It feels like I’ve heard this song multiple times already and that’s not a good thing. The sudden blasts of Inception inspired brass are just getting really annoying at this point and should really stop being overused by production teams.

That’s really a shame because despite the tracks heavy use of trap and lazy production, there are many great moments. The vocals and hip hop segments are all fantastic and I genuinely wish they had been attached to a more daring and enjoyable arrangement. But then again that’s been my complaint for most CLC songs.

Verses: 7

Chorus: 6

Production: 7

Performance: 9

Final Rating7.25/10


One thought on “SONG REVIEW: Helicopter – CLC

  1. This song …is generic ? It could be given to other groups ? There is so much verity going on in the instrumentals , rhythmicly , harmonically , and melodically… it’s hard to predict where each section is going to , there are really interesting changes in rythm is the last chorus , there is so much range versatility, i always thought these are what make a song far from generic …. why don’t you talk about all of the interesting stuff going on in the song ? You’re minimizing lots of musically interesting factors going on in the song to a simple “it’s generic”phrase ! That kind of “review” is quite objective… you don’t like the song and it’s genre , it’s not your taste, and you come to ignore everything and call it generic without any explanation or reasoning ?!! I’ve been reading your “reviews” and it seems like it’s your general mindset ! If you actually do know music ,then talk about music in depths , talk about what is actually interesting about a song or what actually makes a song sound good or not good …. what you observe as “reviews ” is just paragraphs of words which are in the discrepitions the companies come up with in music platforms , a few references to some specific songs or genres , and then , ending everything with a simple “the song doesn’t do much ” , “it’s generic”, “it’s disappointing ” , “the hook is not catchy “… these are not any different from what people without musical backgrounds say everyday …. real professionalism is to use your knowledge and then coming up with opinions like liking or not liking a song ( not to mention how unprofessional and disrespectful it is to name some groups when you are referring to generic music … Blackpink’s music is not my favorite too , but naming them as a generic group is rude, you have a biased mindset towards Blackpink and gidle and you tend to be so disrespectful towards them )… my suggestion for you is to take some music theory lessons if you’ve not , stepping back from writing biased , objective reviews and coming back with more knowledge!


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