SONG REVIEW: Favorite Boys – A.C.E

I know I’m late to the party but holy shit this song.

Every year there’s a song that comes around that feels like an instant Kpop showstopper. Last year it was Stray Kids’ Miroh, in 2018 it was ONF’s Complete and for 2020 it might just be A.C.E’s Favorite Boys.

Last year, A.C.E pulled off one of the most jarring shifts in music quality of the past few years. After the spectacular Under Cover, the group shifted their sound towards the very clunky and dare I say ugly Savage. It was a shift that I didn’t enjoy at all and was the first A.C.E single that I genuinely disliked. But one listen to Favorite Boys (I need to stop trying to spell it with an “ou”) and it’s like Savage never happened. It picks up right where Under Cover left off, infusing A.C.E’s already aggressive sound with a healthy does of rock heavy bombast. The result is easily one of the years finest singles.

You know a song is gonna be great when it opens with a proclamation. Byeongkwan’s opening monologue, assisted by hard hitting percussion is a fantastic introduction to the track and lets us know right from the start we’re in for a ride. We’re then ushered into the commanding first verse, which plays around with multiple musical touches before we’re ushered into the anthemic pre-chorus. The sense of build created here is just immense and the interplay between the groups fantastic vocal blend and the production is just incredible. It sets the stage for a potentially massive centrepiece but given 2020’s track record, I still had doubts about whether there would be a suitable payoff.


Favorite Boys is home to one of the years most rousing chorus’ and I wouldn’t have it any other way. After an aggressive, snarled incantation? we’re launched into a breathtaking instrumental which holds absolutely nothing back. The first time I heard it I genuinely sat back on my seat in awe. Not only did the song have a fantastic instrumental, but it also followed it up with an equally potent refrain. This is the kind of over the top drama I thrive on and the fact that the track maintains this momentum all the way through is even more refreshing. All throughout 2020 I’ve been looking for a song that would have a serious chance at challenging for my favourite song of the year. And while we still have 3 months to go, I think A.C.E might have just taken the spot.

Verses: 9

Chorus: 9

Production: 10

Performance: 10

Final Rating9.5/10

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