SONG REVIEW: Back Door – Stray Kids

When it comes to my personal tastes, I’ve always believed Stray Kids to be strongest when paired with a more electronic backing. Last year we got the sensational one two punch of Miroh and Side Effects and nothing since has really lived up to them. It’s been solid and the abrasive God’s Menu remains one of years most addictive hype tracks but I’m yet to see the group return with another showstopping single. New single Back Door comes on the heels of a repackage and manages to stretch the groups sound in new directions but does it match the strength of the groups strongest material?

Well for the most part, I would say it does. While not a completely new sound, Back Door is home to some fantastic verses. The slinky bassline that supports much of the tracks very enjoyable connective tissue is wonderfully groovy, adding an additional funk that we haven’t seen the group tackle and one that suits them very well. The boys have some of the most personality rich rappers in the industry and their varying vocal timbers perfectly complement the dynamic instrumental. Take note producers, this is how you perfectly incorporate your rappers without plunging your song into needless, momentum killing breakdowns. It’s a track that benefits very heavily from a strong arrangement which allows ample space for the instrumental to both breathe yet blend seamlessly with the vocal arrangement.

However, the chorus is less successful. I really appreciate the instrumental here as it plays around with a much more unique soundscape than we’re used to. But in the end, it feels much like a case of lost potential. The tongue clicking esque instrumental loop is successful and maddeningly catchy but I think personally that Back Door would have benefited from a much more open and frantic sounding instrumental. Much like the instrumental that rounds off the final chorus actually. This would situate Back Door as a great sequel to Miroh but the melody remains strong regardless. Stray Kids remain at the top of their game and while this isn’t the kind of carnival style banger I was expecting, it’s still a pretty strong entry within their discography.

Verses: 9

Chorus: 8

Production: 8

Performance: 9

Final Rating8.5/10


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