Despite getting a glowing review from me upon release, Everglow’s February comeback Dun Dun has all but faded from my memory. It’s still a solid track but one that’s unlikely to make my end of year lists. But despite my lack of affiliation with that track, my ears perked up upon first listen of the teasers for La Di Da. And I’m happy to say that the final product more that delivered on that promise. La Di Da is aggressive synth pop at its finest and unlike anything we’ve heard the group tackle yet.

For their first 3 releases, Everglow followed a rather strict template. The big room EDM soundscape coupled with catchphrase hooks weren’t really my taste but I could appreciate the commitment to a certain sound. Now with La Di Da, it seems like the group are turning over a new leaf and it’s one I’m wholly on board with. Retro has been in heavy demand in the second half of this year but La Di Da harkens back to the aggressive Sweetune produced bangers of the early 2010’s. Groups like 9Muses and especially KARA were releasing songs like this on the regular and while La Di Da might have blended in back then, it’s practically revolutionary in 2020. This is a sound I love and here, Everglow have perfected it.

The track wastes no time, unveiling its brilliant punchy instrumental over an opening verse that might rank as one of the years most thrilling introductions. The momentum remains strong, punctuated by consistent and varied production flourishes that make it feel like it’s in constant flux. The “nanana” acts a great transition piece between both vocal and rap segments, which blend effortlessly to create an arresting introduction that feels suitably dynamic. Much of the instrumental filters out for the pre-chorus which allows for us, the listener, to have some breathing space before that gargantuan chorus slams in at full force.

Which is where I truly believe La Di Da ascends into one of the years standouts. Gone are the catchphrase hooks of the past few singles, replaced by a fully throated melody that manages to capitalise on the strength of the instrumental and absolutely soar. I was initially wary of how they would be able to incorporate the phrase “La Di Da” into the hook but it flows in seamlessly. But my favourite moment of the track has to be that near perfect dance break after the second chorus. I adore when tracks incorporate a dance break or instrumental breakdown that flows on perfectly from the second chorus and this one right here is a fantastic example, incorporating additional synth textures to create a truly transcendent moment. Add onto that a breathless climax and you have one of the years most instant single and by far the strongest Everglow single yet.

*Also can I say that this is the perfect match between song and concept. Like boy did they nail it here.

Verses: 9

Chorus: 9

Production: 10

Performance: 9

Final Rating9.25 / 10



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