Beast Sides: Top Secret – Weeekly

While I predominantly cover singles on here, I’ve always been an avid consumer of albums. More often than not, this results in some songs that I adore but others that I detest. As a remedy to this issue, we have Beast Sides! These songs put the Beast in B-side and are either stronger than their accompanying title track or songs that are just too solid to leave out.

Although Weeekly’s debut effort, Tag Me (@Me) has quickly risen the ranks of my favourite debuts of the year, I didn’t feel much for followup Zig Zag. It carried the same upbeat, guitar laced energy of its predecessor but failed to really form the kind of knockout hook that made Tag Me so great. In the end, I didn’t really have enough to write a full writeup and hence, Zig Zag didn’t receive one upon release. However, its accompanying album is full of highlights. The harder hitting Unnie is certainly a strong evolution of the groups core sound but my ears are much more tuned to the melodic greatness of Top Secret.

Now I must say, your enjoyment of Top Secret will heavily hinge on how much of your music taste is based within late 2000’s pop. This is the kind of Taylor Swift Love Story esque song that really hits me in the feels and sometimes, that’s all a song needs to do. It’s a track that doesn’t really do anything new, but it’s not trying to. It cruises by on an addictive percussion and guitar led backing and the girls give a suitably restrained and at times emotive performance that lends perfectly to the tracks more nostalgic musical palette. It knows what it wants to be right from the start and doesn’t try to shift itself in order to pander to modern musical trends. And that’s quite refreshing.

But the star of the show has got to be Top Secret‘s chorus, which embraces a gorgeous melody that just exudes warmth. It’s been rare to find such a bright, yet emotive melody in 2020’s kpop landscape and that makes Top Secret even more enjoyable. It ebbs and flows in an extremely satisfying manner and even climaxes in great climax during the tracks final chorus. It’s a song that sneaks up on you in the best way possible and while It’s nothing revolutionary, is my kind of song. I know many will find Top Secret boring and too conventional but I personally believe it would have made a great title track. I can even imagine joyous music video!

Verses: 8

Chorus: 9

Production: 8

Performance: 9

Final Rating8.5 / 10

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