SONG REVIEW: Lemon Candy – Pink Fantasy

After 2019’s sensational Fantasy, Pink Fantasy have been going through an unfortunate downward spiral. Both commercially and musically. Neither of their follow up singles were all too promising and the departure of some of their more popular members hit them pretty hard. Lemon Candy is a pre-release single for their upcoming mini album and unfortunately, it does little to correct this decline.

The fact that Lemon Candy was initially not chosen for promotion is immediately apparent. The track just doesn’t have enough meat on its bones to be fit for promotion. It’s a messy production, constantly shifting in tone and instrumental intensity. The mixing is also off, coming off us unnecessarily loud at some moments whilst almost feeling non existent at others. I understand that this is mainly a budget issue but when looking at tracks, I can’t simply overlook such faults. This lack of clarity leads to a final product that just doesn’t feel pleasant to ear. There also isn’t really any point to the tracks needless bluster during the chorus, which employs a pointlessly aggressive instrumental over vocals that veer more towards “cute” or “aegyo-esque” than anything complementary.

They could have made up for some of these faults if Lemon Candy had a decent melodic backbone to fall back on. But unfortunately, that’s where it really becomes a stinker. There really isn’t any melody to grab onto here and while the instrumental might have many jarring shifts in tone, the lack of melodic cohesion is ultimately what lets this track down big time. As this is a pre-release, I’ll keep hoping for another track as good as Fantasy for their actual single.

Verses: 5

Chorus: 5

Production: 4

Performance: 6

Final Rating: 5 / 10


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