SONG REVIEW: Odd Eye – Dreamcatcher

Although I already enjoyed much of their musical output beforehand, 2020 was the year where Dreamcatcher truly became one of my favourite K-pop groups. The more electronic influences truly opened a new door for the group and tracks like Scream and Boca were the perfect vessel to channel that new energy. And so coming off the heels of their most successful year both musically and commercially, does new single Odd Eye continue this streak?

Well I’m pleased to say it does. Odd Eye continues the groups musical evolution in excellent fashion, fusing a more daring electronic arrangement with the aggressive rock sound that forms the base of their sound.

I firmly believe that Dreamcatcher are currently in the middle of their imperial phase. They’re at that point where no matter what they release, it’s going to be stunning and Odd Eye follows that. Opening with a more retrained atmospheric build that really only utilises a drum pad and one note moody synths, Odd Eye‘s first few seconds are much more restrained and atmospheric than expected. But it doesn’t last long as Odd Eye segues into one of my personal favourite moments of the track. The trap assisted base is greatly elevated by some ghoulish synth work which gives a real sense of depth. The pre-chorus is even better, with pulsing percussion, distorted electronics and an ascending melody that feels as though it’s going to absolutely explode.

And as expected in true Dreamcatcher fashion, the rock guitars slam in with full force during the chorus which revels in its own over the top bombast. After two singles without a vocal and melody driven chorus, it’s great to see the group tackle a meaty, vocal led hook. It doesn’t leave the most instant impression but descending guitar riff coupled with the forceful vocal delivery make it much more potent over a number of listens. But as much as the production rocks, the girls are equally up to the challenge. It’s so great to hear Handong as part of the group again and her lower register is especially effective during Odd Eye’s deeper moments.

If I had one complaint, it would definitely be the second verse breakdown, which comes across as unnecessary and ham fisted. It isn’t the worst offender of its sort but it does upend the flow slightly. But apart from that tiny hiccup, Odd Eye feels like a true culmination of the groups sound and works even better as a conclusion to one of K-pop’s most daring trilogies.

**Also the album is absolutely stunning. Expect a review in a few days time.

Verses: 9

Chorus: 9

Production: 9

Performance: 9

Final Rating9 / 10


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