Since debuting in early 2020 with the phenomenal Imitation Rain, SixTONES have been blitzing through a number of releases. A single here, a mini album there and now a full length album less than a year after their debut. And most of the resulting music has been great. Both Navigator and New Era built upon a certain symphonic rock sound and b-sides like New World helped showcase a more anthemic and melodic side to the boys. New single ST continues the groups harder edged sound to mixed results.

My main problem with ST is that it lacks many notable valleys and peaks. The entire track starts at a 100 and stays that way throughout without any real breathing space. And while this can be a great thing, ST lacks the kind of strong melodic backbone that tracks like this need to really soar. The entire thing feels a little too one note, cruising along on a solid if rather unspectacular instrumental drive. There just isn’t enough melodic variation in it for me and while the aggressive instrumental and banging chorus are great for head banging and raving, the sheer instrumental bombast of ST doesn’t make up for the fact that I come away from the track feeling very little.

This doesn’t necessarily mean I hate ST but it is easily the most generic SixTONES have ever sounded. The raps are strong, the vocals are great but it’s an oddly hookless and muddled listen. I’m someone who loves bombast but if there isn’t really a strong melody to grab onto, I’m unlikely to come back for further listens. And that’s why I doubt I’ll be coming back to ST much in the future.

Verses: 7

Chorus: 7

Production: 7

Performance: 8

Final Rating: 7.25 / 10


3 thoughts on “SONG REVIEW: ST – SixTONES

  1. I actually am the oddball, and still like it a lot. It has that polish needed for a song like this to succeed, and Juri has never sounded sharper. Still, if I reviewed it now, I would give it an 8.5.

    Also, weirdly, the YouTube version is the best of the song. I listen to the whole album a lot, but rarely the full version.

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