DRIPPIN debuted last year with the stunning Nostalgia, instantly cementing themselves as one of this generations most promising rookies. Their stylish dance pop sound was incredibly refreshing and bled through into the supporting mini album, ‘Boyager’ which also was home to some of 2020’s strongest B-sides. But as important as a debut is, equally important is the follow up, which proves the ideal playground for a group to either build on their debut or reaffirm themselves with a new sound. So how does new single Young Blood measure up?

More than Golden Child, DRIPPIN have been giving me a more ‘baby Infinite’ vibe from the start. And while that may have been more pronounced in their debut album, there are many shades of it to be seen in the stylish dance pop of Young Blood. It isn’t nearly as instantly gripping or original as Nostalgia and the deep house template can be seen as overused by many but the boys carry the track with a bucketload of personality. This kind of driving deep house dance track is one of my personal favourite styles and Young Blood is a strong example of it. There’s a consistent kick to the instrumental and I love how the vocals perfectly complement the driving instrumental. I’m slowly getting more and more drawn in towards the groups invigorating vocal blend and I wouldn’t be surprised if that is what helps Young Blood get over many of its more derivative leanings. The pre-chorus especially, hits some really satisfying melodic turns that get better and better every listen.

The chorus on the other hand, could do with some work. It’s strong and anchors the track very well but I would have personally loved a little bit more melodic diversity and something a bit longer. I love its rhythmic bounce and the vocal effects but it’s awfully short and while the consecutive repetitions during the climax help, I would have killed for an additional refrain like the ones found in Nostalgia, Overdrive and the sensational new album track Reach Out Your Hands. The production could have also been tighter here. It feels a little too loose and freewheeling. And while that is probably what they were going for, a more direct production would have really pushed this one over the edge. But these gripes are only minor for what is a strong follow up for Woolim’s newest group.

** Also does anyone feel like the chorus is going to morph into Produce Japan’s Young?

Verses: 9

Chorus: 8

Production: 9

Performance: 9

Final Rating8.75 / 10


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